4 thoughts on “Where can Huairou sell dogs?”

  1. Do you want to buy a dog? I want to sell their own small Teddy. In less than two months, pure breed and healthy. Because there is no time to raise it to school. The picture is a mobile phone photo, not very clear. I am Huairou.

  2. I only say that you are smart, what kind of personal home selling dog website to find a nearby city. In the past, you rarely found the ideal dog

    The following is the r I answered to others n
    Is do n’t think about cheap dogs selling dogs for cheap dogs but scammers, but basically cheat 10 yuan, you buy 100 yuan, you buy it, it ’s cheap ... and a few famous 7 sky dogs go home and get sick. Hundreds of small and small 3,000 yuan do not cure

    The skewers who are not good -looking and obedient .. Bite the things at home and do n’t find a place to urinate and let go of your rope. 1,000 dogs are the cheapest, and they have to pick the quality when buying

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