2 thoughts on “How can pet dogs sell in Jingzhou? Tell me. Thank you ...”

  1. No. 15 Bibo Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou City, there is a "Jianghan Commercial Daily". It takes a section of the flower and bird market. The pet dogs there are very beautiful and cheap.
    The original garden road flower and bird pet market, now moved to the gate of the municipal botanical garden snakes into the gate of the mountain park, at the Changgang Road of Jingchang.
    It, jingzhou.58/, you can buy it online.

  2. The current pet market for snakes in Shashi District. Essence 4 cars can get. There is also near the old pet market in Garden Road, Shashi District. There are many hospitals and pet custody there. They also sell enough dogs. Essence what are you looking for. Essence Essence

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