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  1. Choose a professional pet courier company, Shentong Express can send pets, airlines can also transport pets.

    The pet express delivery on the market now. Walking on the air can effectively increase the survival rate of pets, but the charges are more expensive. Sending a dog, cat, cat, cat, cat Cats are normal. But there are still many people who choose, especially some online shop owners.

    The pets must put a lot of buffers when expressing my hamsters in my house. Although it is very hot summer, some cotton, cotton or sponge and other buffers can be reduced. The role of the earthquake can make the little pet feel the motion sickness and increase the survival rate of the little pet.

    It is best to identify on the express packaging. Of course, it is not written on the courier packaging, but you can write a fragile item on the packaging. When people see it, they will be careful to send the parcel. In addition, the food must be put into the express delivery, and the water is not needed. Try to drink as much as possible before going out. If you are worried about the thirst on the road, you can prepare those food that is not very dry.

    Is to avoid squeezing when transporting pets. First of all, prepare strong and durable special air box transportation. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for living cargo packaging, and on the other hand Essence

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