5 thoughts on “Buy gifts for two months of golden retriever”

  1. 1. Dog food is the best, crown can be a very good choice.

    2. Small clothes are also good, handsome to wear, and the owner also appreciates it.

    3. Dog snacks can be eaten for two months. This 40 yuan can be bought for two packs.

    4. Small toys, more than 10 pieces, cheap, dogs also like it.

    5. The puppy bath liquid, you can buy a little better, give it to him, the owner can also use it to take a bath for the dog, it can be regarded as what needs to be used daily.

    6. I do n’t agree with the buying calcium tablets upstairs. High -quality dog ​​food already contains these ingredients, unless the dog shows calcium deficiency, such as X, O -type legs, unstable standing, etc. Or the owner does not need to feed dog food to supplement calcium.

    7. The traction rope is also good.

  2. Buying dog food is a bit expensive, more than four hundred. But this is also the most worried about the golden retriever owner, and the golden retriever eats a lot. If you can fill in the gra for him at this time, he will be very grateful. You can also buy a bottle of calcium and stomach. Calcium, more than ninety. You can also buy a golden retriever's special shower gel, more than thirty. You can also buy a tennis. The dog likes to play very much.

  3. You can buy some skin pressure bone, Taobao, 1 yuan, one dollar is boring, you can buy a bag for a long time, you can buy a bag or buy a few dogs to wear clothes. One point

    The dog food and shower gel. The owner of the dog will definitely buy it.

  4. Bite the glue, small clothes, small shoes, or bibs, it is particularly handsome, but it looks good and not expensive. You can also go directly to the pet shop to see.

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