1 thought on “My pet dog was lost just now, where should I go to find”

  1. In a large number of places that may be lost, a large number of dogs are looking for dogs, posting the dog's recent photos, and describing the characteristics of the dog. And attach your reward amount, don't be afraid to spend money and just say that you thank you, so no one will care about you.
    The surveillance at the place where the dog is lost. This requires you to have a certain ability to move. Ask for the shops and properties to monitor you, you need to see the cigarettes and give gifts. Or it is best to be taken away by anyone.
    The last trick, go to the nearby pet market to see if the dog has been sold there, but generally there is little hope.
    Then the name of the dogs under the community after losing the dog,
    The fear that the dog would not hear it and shouted a layer. Sometimes when I heard the dog screaming, I couldn't confirm, I knocked on the door in the house, and finally found it.
    I wish you good luck, you can continue the love of dogs early!

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