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  1. Common pet supplies are the following:
    food categories (snacks, gum, milk powder)
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    2. Pot, cat sand, etc.)
    3. Toys (balls, cotton rope balls, etc.)
    4. Health care category (development treasure, calcium tablets, beauty powder, seaweed powder, etc.)
    5. Dogs and cat food (low -temperature roasting grain, no grain, fresh grain, etc.)
    The other pet clothes, pet beds, pet bags, cleaning supplies, medicinal products, etc.

  2. Hello!

    Pet supplies include: 1. Pet supplies pet products, including toys, pet clothes, etc. 2. Pet grain and snack pet products, including various bite, grinding bone, etc. 3. Pet bath, including fragrance, bath liquid, etc. 4. Pet daily care and health care, including drop -ear oil, eye washing fluid, etc. 5. Pet supplies pet products. Including toys, pet clothes, bowls of food bowls, water heaters, nests, mats, cages, etc. 6. Pet food and snack pet products. Including a variety of bite, grinding bone, chicken breasts, chicken strips, delicious fresh bags, soft grains, canned food, biscuits, ham sausage, and so on. 7. Pet bath. Including fragrance, bath liquid, medicine, dry cleaning powder, bathing brush, water absorption towels, towels, combs, etc. 8. Pet daily care and health care, including drop -ear oil, eye washing liquid, Diga Jian skin treasure, Anbei Kangbao, calcium tablets, trace elements, and so on.

    It hope it will be helpful to you!

    looking for adoption, thank you

  3. Pet supplies include:
    Pet products, pet products, including toys, pet clothes, etc.
    Pet food and snack pet products, including various bite, grinding bone, etc.
    Pet bath, including fragrance, bath liquid, etc.
    Pet daily care and health care, including drop -ear oil and meritoror washing fluid.

  4. Don't buy some pet products! Intersection The master is very angry.
    First of all, I want to declare it. Although I am a pet supplies in stock, I do n’t do any promotion here. Besides, the inventory is so cheap, and I do n’t worry about selling it! Thanks for attention!
    The friends who have just raised cats, see a lot of dazzling pet supplies, buy a lot of back, buy it if you look good! But in fact, many things are unreasonable and will harm the master. Let me list a few things below. Please pay attention to shovel officers!
    1. Transparent shoulder bag
    The general transparent bag is very beautiful, but you have thought about it, the kitten will be very insecure and fear! So you will find that you are unhappy with the master of transparent bags!
    2. Turn it up with an iron cage
    This parents are afraid that cats will disturb their normal life and will close the cats. This is very wrong. To grab things, we can make some cartons or cats to grab the board for him. There are not many cats to play with cats. You can play a ball for a few months. You can also make cats develop a good habit.
    3. Plastic bowl
    has almost no advantage except for cheapness, and it is particularly easy to break. Generally speaking, it is easy to replace, and plastic is prone to harmful substances, so it is not recommended to use it!

    4. Do you buy without freezing
    . Do not buy frozen dried without production qualifications, because it is easy to exceed the standard, and the frozen -dried packaging is not shaded, and it is exposed for a long time. There will be a lot of magazines in Ningwai's frozen drying.
    4. Buy less food food
    All big brands can be bought, but most of them are not recommended. Although it is cheap, you have thought about it. Most of the nutrition will definitely be lost, and we are afraid of If you have mildew or something, you need to buy things cautiously. Cats are okay to buy more. A single cat itself can't eat much. You don't need to buy it deliberately!
    6. Do n’t buy the bell collar
    This cat's hearing is very far. If you give the cat's whole bell, it is equivalent to you at the construction site every day. It is very noisy. unstable emotion! Some are even irritable!
    Summary: Although some pet supplies are good -looking, they are not practical. Please buy it carefully. Don't just look cheap! Well, this is here today. I am an old bag for the rear and tail of pet products! Thanks for your attention ...

  5. There are many pet supplies. You can go to a pet store for selection. There are traction ropes, pets with pets, and all kinds of clothing

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