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  1. Pet dogs can eat eggs, but they can't eat more. It is recommended to cook the eggs, take out the egg yolk, and then crush it into the dog food and then eat it for your own dog. Because eating protein is harmful to the dog's body, eating egg yolk can make the dog's hair softer and shiny. Dogs with skin diseases cannot eat eggs, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the condition.
    . Pet dogs can eat eggs
    This novice dogs are asking, can pet dogs eat eggs? Naturally, it is possible. Eggs are rich in nutrition, suitable for taste, and a fishy smell, which is a kind of food that dogs like. Eating some eggs in an appropriate amount of pet dogs can play a role of beauty, but eating too much will also increase the chance of dogs suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
    . The precautions for pet dogs to eat eggs
    1. Eat cooked eggs
    The pet dogs can not be given raw eggs, because there are often a lot of bacteria and microorganisms hidden in raw eggs, they will pass the dogs. The dog's esophagus enters the dog's body. Bacteria and microorganisms are afraid of high temperature. They are killed by high temperature during the cooked eggs, so they can rest assured that they eat cooked eggs for dogs.
    2, do not eat egg whites
    It cannot feed pet dogs to eat egg whites, on the one hand because the eggs will not digest, on the other hand, because the egg whites contain a substance called cyanin, the egg whites, It affects the dog's absorption of vitamin H, which is not conducive to the health of the dog.
    3. Do not eat skin diseases
    This dogs cannot eat eggs during the skin disease, because eggs are hair products, and they may make the dog's condition worsen. Pet dogs that have just cured skin diseases are not recommended to eat eggs immediately, because eggs are likely to cause dogs' skin diseases to recur.

  2. can.
    The is rich in protein and other nutrients such as protein. Dogs are good for physical health. Sepatin contains a kind of olein substance. This substance will cause damage to the vitamin H of the dog. Not conducive to the healthy growth of dogs.
    Except for the starch that can be used as a staple food, others are less food, and they are harmful to the body.

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