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  1. (The following test is taken from the pet school)
    News: your dog should be at least one year old to test. Take the exam as a game so that he is willing to do it. The maximum score of each test is 3 points. But there are additional points.
    The test 1: Choose the days or time you usually do n’t slip the dog, and gently pick up your key and holding rope (or other slippers). If he is very excited, score 3 points Essence If you have to go to the door, he knows that it is time to go out, 2 points. If he was just sitting blankly, he had only one point.

    The additional score: If your dog obviously wants you to know that he has to be convenient and convenient, for example, take the dog rope to you and give him 5 points. If he does not let you be convenient to the bathroom, there is no need to perform the following subjects, because your dog is extremely smart.

    The test 2: Take the dog who is resting away from the room and re -arrange his favorite place (sofa cushion or something). If he rushed straight to his favorite position, such as his long time of signs, scored 3 points. If he inspects a lap for 30 seconds to find the position, it scores 2 points. If he is too lazy to bother, find a place to lie down in a place.

    The test 3: Take a big towel and gently cover the dog's head. If he breaks away from the towel in 5 seconds, he scores 3 points. If you delay for 15 minutes, 2 minutes. If he wore a towel all day around, he had only one point that blew the bottle and jar.

    The additional score: if your dog is wearing a towel. Wandering around, do not touch him with something and then lose 10 points by yourself. Who told you so much virtue and let your dog wore a hair all day.

    Test 4: Test the ability of dogs to solve problems. Put the dog on the table or high chair, put food or toys under the table and chair, he can only get the place where the dog is only paw (not the head). If the dog is enough to use one paw enough, and get 3 points in a divorce. If he uses his mouth or claws, he has enough 2 points, because he tried at least. If you just lose your mouth, give up. Get a point.

    The points: If your dog looks at the bait to see you. Look at the bait to see you. Get full score 5 points. Because he knew using his sadness. Very lethal eyes, let you obediently give him things to him

    Test 5: Use hard cardboard (such as packaging furniture or electrical carton) to make an obstacle, high and dog's legs The height of the straight force is fixed with two boxes on each side, and the entire obstacle is about 4.5 meters wide. Dig a rectangle of about 30 cm wide on the hard cardboard, 40 cm from the cardboard. After doing it, don't forget to add 10 points to yourself, it is not easy to get the exam questions. Use things across the obstacles to seduce him, if he spent 3 points in 30 seconds. The weak country scored 2 minutes in 1 minute. If you get a point in Fang Cave.

    The points: If he ignores you, he finds the food given by others and gives him 3 points. Because he knew how to think of other methods to find food.

    The score:》 16 points: your dog, dying weekly, Sai Zhuge. You will think: What can't I rely on what I will rely on? Intersection
    13-15 points: far higher than the average level. Although they would sell the arms, he knew how he got what he wanted.
    9-12 points: It's not bad, although he is not good but not lazy. There are more than above.
    5-8 points: It is not a big deal lower than normal. Many celebrities IQ is lower than normal people and there are many stars chasing people.
    1-4 points: definitely not a clever onion. But why not? The puppy is very clever as you, who is stupid?
    "1 point: Check your dog first and breathe?

  2. The dog's IQ is not high. From these points, you can see

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