4 thoughts on “How to make shoes for dogs”

  1. Preparation: cloth, sponge pads, needle wires, elastic lace
    production methods:
    1, cut the fabric and sponge pad into the appropriate shape by the size of the dog's feet.
    2. Cut the sponge pad at the soles of the soles of an oval cloth with a 1 cm wide.
    3, sew the surroundings around the line without need to fix it.

    4, tighten the thread head, let the cloth wrap the sponge pad and fix it at the root.
    5. Cut a piece of peripheral length equal to the sponge pad, width equal to the cloth of the shoes.
    6. Press the width to the reverse dialogue and suture with the thread.
    7, sew the sponge pad and the newly sutured cloth together.
    8, turning over is a cylindrical.
    9. Put the sponge pad to the bottom of the fabric.
    10, the edge of the shoe is performed.
    11. In order to hold it, it can be sutured.
    12, take a loose band with lace, fix it on the fabric in the middle of the shoes.
    13, all operations are completed, the dog's shoes are ready.

  2. I used to see the shoes made by a friend to Teddy, which is simple and practical! You can try it, just woven into a foot cover with a wool, and then leave empty to make it tightly. It is convenient and practical!

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