3 thoughts on “What are the cheapest dogs?”

  1. Chinese pastoral dogs say: Turkey is the most common dog.

    Pomem small pet dogs are about 500.

    This small medium -sized dogs are about 500 and
    600. Dogs, etc. are between 300-600, and there are not too pure puppies. The quality department that can be bought with hybrid dogs is too good. Mixed dogs with a small amount of hair are less than 600 less than 600 less than 600 Essence

  2. Go to animal welfare agencies to adopt, do good and virtue, and give a small life a chance.
    usually dogs of animal welfare institutions will be checked and treated. After you adopt, many people will support you and aftermath, such as teaching you how to train and simple diagnosis. If you find that you/your family is really not suitable for dogs in the future, they will still retrieve them and arrange them properly.
    is good and good, good and good.

  3. Do you want a small dog or a large dog?
    Small: Little deer dog
    about 100 yuan, similar to Chihuahua
    Large size: Chow Chow, Golden Retriever, Satsuma, Su Mu
    large dogs are purely more expensive at least 1,000. If you are the first big dog, you think you buy a string better. As long as you are about 400, you are not so delicate.

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