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  1. Yes, the key is to pay attention to the cleaning of pets, take a bath regularly, except insects in the body, and the best bathing in the body. It is best to use pets to moisturize and deodorize. In vitro except insects, pet deodorant deodorants are used twice a year in the body for half a year. In addition, pay attention to the vaccine. My dog ​​is a cool loyal fan. The shower gel is lasting incense. The skin does not have dandruff without drying. The deodorant can see the killing of the kill. The effect is very good. I support my family to raise pets, and my two children also like it, and often help take care of them together. Personally, I think that pets can cultivate children's love, train their self -care ability, and children are more outgoing.

  2. Small dogs.
    Many people will consider children at home when raising dogs. Feeding a dog can make dogs a playmate of children and enhance children's sense of responsibility, but not all dogs are suitable for children with children Play, the dogs that can be raised with children should not be very aggressive, otherwise children will be dangerous. They must choose dogs with a docile personality. Corgi, golden retriever, VIPs, Labra, Labra Duo, Husky, Samoyed, etc. are more docile and loyal. Corgi, Corgi is very docile, and it is easier to raise small dogs.
    The pet dogs raised at home cannot only consider personal preferences, and must be accepted by family members, especially those with elderly people and children at home.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, there are children suitable for pets at home, because the pets at home are not conflicting with children at home. At the same time, pets in the family will also help people in the family bring children to the family and family and family and family. Children bring the fun of life. It is recommended that you can raise a dog, you can help, the child in the family, and at the same time it will bring a lot of fun to the family. It should be noted that if the child in the family is compared with the respiratory tract comparison Sensitive, you can raise a short -haired puppy ~nI hope the above answers are helpful to you. If you are satisfied, trouble, a praise, thank you

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