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  1. In addition to the dogs who have a dog with a bloodline certificate, they can clearly confirm their varieties, and what kind of dog varieties are in accordance with the appearance of a regular pet shop.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nThe variety of dogs generally needs to be distinguished from the shape of the dog, and the difference between the body shape of the dog is also relatively large.nDogs are human friends. It is said that there are 137 good breed dogs internationally recognized internationally, and their uses are also very wide. Because dogs are very human, many pets like to raise dogs. It's just that there are many categories of dogs. For ordinary people, they only know the more common one. Many varieties of dogs cannot be named. Many people who like dogs can recognize the types of dogs from some software in order to recognize the category of pets.nThe first software: Inuyi APP Inuyi APP is the first comprehensive pet smart butler in China A smart pet management platform that specializes in pet supporters and pet social functions can provide convenience for dog breeding users. The second software: Harbin Dog recognition dog recognition is a professional pet dog variety identification software. It brings together the most dog -related information of the variety of dogs, which can help users take pictures to identify different dog categories. There is also a detailed dog introduction in it, allowing users to understand different varieties of dogs at any time and learn a lot of identification. The third software: DOG Breeds Dog Variety This is a tool for taking pictures to identify dog ​​varieties. It is very convenient to use. You only need to take pictures to help you identify dog ​​breeds, and you can also query various dog species in the database. The fourth software: FETCH dog face recognition This is a Life entertainment application launched by Microsoft. You can quickly detect their varieties by taking dog photos. You only need to bring this software to find all kinds of dogs anywhere. After discovering your favorite varieties, you can also increase some insights.nQuestionnnWhat kind of dog is thisnThe answer is not a native dog, there are varieties, there are no specific detailed details, you can use the app to make specific identificationnHope to adopt, I hope the above answers will be helpful to youn7 morenBleak

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