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  1. Chinese Turkish dogs are called Chinese pastoral dogs, traditionally called "earth dogs", and some places in the north are also called "firewood dogs".
    The classification of Chinese pastoral dogs:
    1, northern rural dog. Calling a folding ear dog, the characteristics of the dog's ears will hang forward. The hair color is mixed, the north is cold, the hair is thick, and the body is strong. It is called a stupid dog in life. The distribution is widely distributed from northeast to southwest.
    2, the rural dogs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, called Su Dog, elastic, large. The limbs are slender, pure color hair, and white belly hair. Distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui.
    3, and Guangdong, we call it Guangxi dogs, the ears are small, the body is strong, the body is developed, and the tongue is more black tongue and flower tongue. Looking at home nursing homes, hunting is very powerful.
    Extension information:

    The living habits of Chinese pastoral dogs:
    1, do not get lost
    But I ca n’t find my own home, and the Chinese pastoral dog is confused outside the night, but I can always go home during dinner. Even if it is the first time I go away, I will come back by themselves. It is the difference between big cities and small cities. There are fewer people in small cities).
    2, high IQ
    The Chinese pastoral dogs do not need to teach it some matters. It also knows what can be done. It is a very conscious dog. Training rural dogs. No test, for a long time, you naturally know how smart it is and how well you are.
    3. You can see the color
    The most important feature of the Chinese garden dog is the understanding of the most. They can read the most delicate expression of the owner, detect the face that the owner is not easy to detect, and know how to act at the opportunity. Heart.
    4, loyalty
    The saying that "you are a dog around a certain side", maybe this is the biggest praise of the loyalty of the Chinese pastoral dog.
    5, housekeeping
    ordinary Chinese raising dogs, nothing more than a home care house, anti -theft and thief. And Chinese pastoral dogs generally can accurately judge the identity of the person and the attitude of the owner -of course, sometimes they also make mistakes in "dog eyes and low people". The guests who were invited by the owner to the house, the rural dog rarely barks the guests, and would not bite the guests.
    6, not easy to get sick
    is different from other pet dogs. Chinese field dogs are not prone to skin diseases and eat everything.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Chinese Rural Dog

  2. 1. Dogs in rural areas, also known as Tang dogs. (The scientific name is the Chinese pastoral dog, the Chinese original dog)
    2. For the current people, the dog breed is also called a dog, but in fact this is a misunderstanding. Turkey is a local native dog. There are no long -haired and small categories, and many people refer to the dogs are hybrid dogs.
    Thenasia recognized by the International Beast Dog Organization is the southwestern and Tibetan region of China. China is actually a veritable dog -producing country with a long history. However, the traditions and habits of the non -educated dog species are not available in the past, resulting in lack of protection and breeding institutions and organizations in the past, making the variety of most dogs mixed, genetic instability and mutation, and gradually degenerating and demanding from many varieties. The following is currently relatively stable in China and more pure blood. Ancient history has a variety recognized by domestic dog fans within a certain range. However, these canine breeds are currently worrying. If the Chinese do not pay attention to it, the government will no longer formulate relevant protection policies, and it may be extinct or mutated one by one. (Excluding Beijing dogs that are owned by foreigners, cultivated and registered as world -famous dogs, Shi Shi, Bayi, Saupi, Chow Chow, Lhasa Dogs, Tibetan Hounds, Tibetan Stubborn Dogs, etc.)
    Sichuan Hound (Chongqing Dog) Unique: (neighboring dog) (foot dog). Produced in Chongqing and Guang'an region in Sichuan.

    Qingchuan dogs

    Qingchuan dogs in Sichuan are produced in Qingchuan County, Guangyuan, Sichuan.
    The Sichuan Liangshan Dog, produced in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan, is a hunting dog commonly used by the Yi people.
    The Guizhou Boss Dog, produced in the southeast of Majiang County. Because the central production area is in Boss Town, it is known as the "Boss Dog". The residents of the production area are mainly Miao people, living between the mountains and mountains. In the past, the forests were dense, the mountain high road insurance, and there were many wild animals. Since ancient times, Miao cells have the custom of hunting and dog -raising the house. With a loyal master, looking at the home nursing home, a sensitive sense of smell, strong explosive power, fast running speed, strong hunting ability, fast growth and development, good meat quality, rough feed, strong adaptability, and listed as the third world dog and Chinese famous hunting Essence
    Puzhou dogs, working dogs, produced in Chaozhou, Guangdong, loyal, fierce, and easy to train. Adapt to environmental ability and disease resistance. The Chaozhou dog is also called Chaoshan Datou. This dog's head version is a bit like Luo Wei. The ears are small and round, and the body is strong. There are about 50 pounds. There are currently five varieties, which are famous big dogs. Use local hounds and care dogs. It belongs to local dog breeds that need to be saved.
    Izon bone -mouth sandbasus, produced in Dali County, Guangdong, is different from the American mouth sandbittes that are cultivated by Americans and are designated as world -famous dogs.
    Shandong fine dogs are divided into two types: long hair type and short hair type, with long hair type. This dog is not just an excellent hunting dog, but also a loyal household dog.
    The dog in Hebei, the historical origin "The old man wants to send a youth crazy, the left lead Huang Youqing Cang ..." This is a poem written in the poem of Lu You, the poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. The vivid description of the scene shows that ancient Chinese hunting dogs had long been cultivated and utilized. Absolute loyalty to the owner, good home performance, and strong memory. Sensitive smell, high desire, high hunter desire, good endurance. It is more suitable for hunting in the plain. It can also be used as a guard dog.
    Shanxi fine dogs, Shaanxi fine dogs have a long history. It is one of the dog breeds for hunting dogs in my country. It mainly grows in the Guanzhong Weinan area of ​​Shaanxi, mainly used to chase hunting hunter! You can also see the home guard.
    Mongolian fine dogs, according to "Yuan Duzhi" and related historical records, when Genghis Khan expedition to Europe, there were many Mongolian dogs as alert and hunting. These heroine -sensitive fine dogs built Qi Xun in the war and were known as the "sweat dog". After the death, the dog was scattered in the people and naturally reproduced. But today in the twentieth century, it has become a scarce variety. There are a few stays in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Northeast my country. This dog has a natural deterrence. In addition to the advantages of general hound speed and smell, the preciousness of Mongolian dogs is that its fighting ability and obvious body shape and hair color characteristics. The body is large, the power is large and fast, the fight is good, and the sex is strong and tenacious, as if it is a complex for fighting dogs and hunting dogs.
    Hubei arrow hair, Hubei Shennong Flower Mountains have a hairy and hard local hound, locals call it the arrow hound. It is like foreign steel hunting dogs or crickets. This kind of dog Hunan also has it, and it is difficult to walk around for ends.
    The local dogs
    tabby dogs are said to be produced in Shangrao, Jiangxi. To be confirmed.
    The traditional dog breeds produced in Qinzhou, Guangxi, used in Qinzhou, Guangxi. It is used as a hunting dog and a care dog. It is an excellent mountain dog. In recent years, due to the destruction of the local ecological environment, the hunting of this dog can be degraded, and it has gradually become a meat dog, which is an urgent local dog breed.
    Kunming dogs, this dog is not a pure native dog in China, is a stereotyped variety formed by the Ministry of Public Security using German pastoral dogs and local wolf dogs in Kunming, Yunnan. Poisoning and private work. Become an excellent working dog. Kunma dogs are being cultivated. A working dog made of Kunming dog and Marinua (a Belgian Shepherd, commonly known as horse dog). It is still in the formation period.
    Near dogs, played dogs, originated in: 16th century, personality: loyalty, gentleness, about the initial stage of cultivation in China about 400 years ago, the body may be slightly larger than now. In the 16th century, the Dutch seafarers brought back this dog species from China. The Bagu (or Haba dog) is charming and elegant. At the end of the 18th century, it was officially named "Bago". The ancient sayings of words are ghosts, lion noses or little monkeys.
    It Beijing dogs are a well -balanced and compact dog, with a heavy front and a light back. It originated in China, has a personality, and has a strong manifestation. Its image resembles a lion. It represents the courage, bold, and self -esteem than beautiful, elegant or delicate. The Beijing dog, also known as the court lion dog, is an ancient dog breed in China, with a history of 4,000 years. "Guardians Kirin" is its incarnation. Beijing dogs are noble, intelligent, clever, brave, stubborn, docile and cute, and have very affection for the owner, and they are suspicious of strangers. Fan Dog, Duqi, Big Dog, Cangle Dog in ancient times, etc., originally produced in China, originated in the 10th century. According to the overall appearance of the Tibetan mastiff, it can be divided into two types of lion and tiger. The muscles are well developed, majestic, and calm. The partner-type care dog, grows slowly, the female dog is mature at the age of 2-3, and the male dog is at least 4 years old to become a mature adult dog. , Nineteen is a mastiff, the mastiff can see through the ghosts, and it can dispel evil spirits. It is the protector of the Tibetan Tibetans. The standard Tibetan mastiff's front chest and paws must be dark yellow. Wrap the lower lip kiss, there are two beautiful teeth on the top and bottom.
    Attachment: Kunming dog, this dog is not a pure native dog in China. The breeding varieties are widely used in the army, the alertness of the police department, and tracking the privacy of the poisonous and private. It has become an excellent working dog.

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