1 thought on “How to check whether the pet dog has a bow?”

  1. To determine whether the dog has been infected with a bow -shaped worm, we must first observe its daily symptoms, and then take the dog to the hospital for detailed testing and examination to diagnose whether the dog has infected the toxoplasma.
    It is reported that Professor Sun of the Qingdao Zesheng Archworm Institute of Zosheng Institute invented the breakthroughs of the cell method and made breakthrough progress. The principle is that the toxoplasma worm is a specifically parasite in the cells. Before the dispersion occurs, there is rare toxoplasma in the blood. Therefore, the special method is adopted to break the cells. The accuracy of this method is very high.
    At the same time, dogs infected with toxoplasma are similar to that of canine plague and infectious hepatitis. In addition, pet dogs infected with toxoplasma should also have fever, cough, anorexia, mental deficiency, secretions, and dyspnea in the eyes and nose. In severe cases, hematic diarrhea, severe vomiting, paralysis, and other neurotic symptoms will occur. Of course, to determine whether the pet dog is infected with a toxoplastyworm, you must take it to the hospital for a detailed examination.

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