5 thoughts on “What dogs are best used to look at door anti -theft?”

  1. Don't think about the Tibetan mastiff. Don't want to buy any better Tibetan mastiffs. And in recent years, dog traffickers and the media have raised their Tibetan mastiffs that have also raised their worth, and the Tibetan mastiff is not easy to raise. In fact, if you want to raise a door dog, you can raise German black back (that is, wolf dogs), and even native dogs (the kind of ordinary dog ​​raised by farmers), as long as you pay attention to tuning. In addition, if you have acquaintances, you can get a veteran police dog. The veteran dog has received professional training and has strong obedience. However, if you just look at your own home, it is enough to raise ordinary dogs; if you have a yard or a factory building, you must raise a large hound like wolf dogs. In addition, don't expect the dog to defeat them when the thief visits. Dogs are alarm. When strangers approach, it will call. At this time, you need to come forward. Usually the thief will leave after hearing the dog. The thieves cannot bring without a weapon. If you really break in with the dog, the dog may not be his opponent. And even if the thief was caught in the end, if he was bitten by your dog, he could let you compensate, one yard and one yard. The thief asked you to pay for it. It will also be treated separately. Therefore, raising the door dog is a role of anti -thief and alarm, as a tool to threaten and scare away the thief, instead of defeating the thief's fighting tools. You don't have to exaggerate and worry.

  2. The Tibetan mastiff is best to see the anti -theft, but find a professional dog trainer to tune. Also, dogs are different from cats, dogs will not be called spring -_ -#

  3. In terms of cost -effectiveness, I suggest that you can raise a family dog, that is, those dogs that are usually very visible, because it is enough to see these dogs at the door, what big wolf dogs, Tibetan mastiffs, these you should not raise, these these should not be raised. After all, the body shape is too large, and it is too fierce. These dogs come to see the orchard to see the factory. It is not suitable for home care. But if you do not just look at the door, you also want to raise it. These dogs are also fine, because the barking is relatively loud
    It is difficult for dogs to not eat thieves. You can lock the dog at home at night. Some dogs outside the door will find it. There is help.
    In the thief's psychology, isn't it barking a dog? Besides, go to your house to steal things, it must have a little weapon. At that time However, I think there is no one who has heard a dog in stealing it, and the thief can’t know that your dog is locked
    The dog is just asleep or you can know someone outside the door.

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