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  1. How long is pet dog puppies?
    Animals are a very important existence in our daily life and an indispensable part. We should protect these animals and cherish these animals. Especially some animals that are closely related to us, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and more pets. They can accompany us when we are lonely, and they can accompany us when we are unhappy. They are human friends and silently.
    It let's solve this problem. How long is the pet dog puppies?
    The puppy period is different because the type of pet dog is different, so we must analyze the specific problems of different dogs so that we can get a more accurate period. The puppies of pet dogs are generally six months to 12 months. This period is the main stage of the growth and development of dogs. The speed of physical growth is very fast. Note that the dog's physical condition is always noticed to prevent him from getting sick. We must also pay attention to the appropriate exercise of the dog, take him out to walk out, breathe fresh air, which is conducive to his growth. In the period of the growth of dogs, more vitamins and calcium should be supplemented, which is very beneficial to the growth of dogs and bones.
    The we must also understand the characteristics of the dog and eating habits, and give him more scientific care. Dogs are our silent friends. Although he can't speak, his behavior represents how much he likes you, so don't let go of his love for you. He must treat his dog well. Learn to get along with animals in harmony, they will give you unexpected surprises.
    The opinions above or ideas belong to my personal. I hope to help everyone and better understand the growth characteristics of their dogs. Treat the small animals around him, start with yourself.

  2. From birth to weaning, pet dogs belong to the small milk dog stage. After weaning, it is about ten months. It belongs to the growth period of puppies. At this time, they are growing rapidly.

  3. Six months, usually pets will also enter the embarrassing period between these six months. At this time, the appearance of the dog may not be cute

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