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  1. 1. Pet feeding skills
    1, wolf king: sheep chop high -quality meat
    2, Snow Wolf King: sheep chow high -quality meat wheat
    3, desert wolf king: lamb chop high -quality meat potatoes rn4、沙漠狼: 羊排 饲料肉 土豆rn5、雪狼: 羊排 饲料肉小麦rn6、虎王小龙虾 优质肉块 牛排rn7、剑齿虎: Crayfish feed meat steak
    8, red lizard: red mushroom feed meat
    9, blue lizard: blue lean mushroom feed meat
    10, water turtle: salmon catfish n Second, pet capture method
    1, mount: stun with wooden sticks, and then feed the food they like to eat. When the carving pattern appears on the top of the animal, you can use a saddle to capture.
    2, battle pet: also fainted, feed the food you love to eat, and capture it with the capture.
    3, circle pet: dizzy, feed, capture with collar.
    Extension information: 1. Feed method:
    1, pool turtle and lava turtle are to eat intermediate fish feed, the method is: catfish puffer fish = intermediate fish feed.
    2, the mammoth elephant is to eat fed fed, the method is: apple wheat sugar cane = feeding grass.
    The Tyrannosaurus is feeding and feeding dishes.
    . Capture pets
    It BOSS is best to bring some magic crystals and minerals because during the process of playing, it will need 200 arrows to be used to repair the lava turtle. It takes 200 arrows, and it takes 300 arrows to hit the mammoth. The Tyrannosaurus needs 500 arrows. Personally, I think that it can bring 100 more.
    References: Create and Magic Magic Website-Pets and Capture

  2. Create and magic pet feeding techniques How to grab the editors of Jiuyou to everyone. In the game, if we want to get pets, we want to catch it ourselves. We must use their favorite feed to capture, and how to create and magic pets? How to feed pets? What do pets like to eat? Let's take a look!
    Create and magic pet feeding techniques
    Wolf king: sheep chop high -quality meat
    Snow wolf king: sheep chop high -quality meat wheat
    Desert wolf king: sheep chop high -quality meat Tudou
    Desert wolf: lamb chop feed meat potato
    Snow wolf: sheep chop feed meat wheat
    Tiger king lasters high -quality meat pieces steak n sword teeth tiger: small Lobster feed meat steak
    red lizards: red mushroom feed meat
    blue lizards: blue lean shiitake mushroom feed meat
    Honey strawberry
    Xiong Da: Honey plus high -quality meat
    Lu Xingbird: wheat carrier
    wheat catfish = primary fish feed n soybean soybean feed r r r r r r r r r r r
    The sticky fish puffer fish = intermediate feed
    kelp wheat fish = high -grade fish feed
    Apple sugar cane wheat = grass
    wheat carrot potato = advanced feed n blue blue Horse: corn, puffer fish, wheat
    Gorilla: emperor crab, banana, pine cones
    red horse: wheat, pepper, high -quality meat
    snow fierce 犸: big lobster, corn, potato
    Fire Turtle: Hairy Crab Carp
    This Capture method:
    This with a wooden stick, then feed the food they like to eat, and wait until the animal's head appears in love patterns.
    can capture mount:
    Niu: wheat
    Pig: soybean seedlings
    sheep: wheat
    Big turtles: carp (not sure before)
    Gray Horse: Carrot
    Blue Horse: Puffers
    Red Horse: Feed (wheat carrot) Cooking pot
    Landbirds: peppers
    Lu Xingbird, as for the speed, look at the face.
    This pet capture method:
    This also faint, feed the food you love to eat, and capture it with the capture.
    This can be captured:
    Xiong: honey (falling apple tree)
    wolf: feeding meat pieces (wolf capture will become dogs)
    battle pets can call summon Come out to fight with you. At the same time, you can feed the battle pets. The higher the level, the higher the attribute rises. You can only summon and one battle pet at a time.

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