4 thoughts on “For the first time, what kind of dogs are better for novices?”

  1. As a novice, in fact, I think it is still a Chinese pastoral dog, which is the so -called native dog. First of all, the price of Turkey is not expensive from an economic perspective. One or two hundred dollars, even if it was not raised at the beginning, it would not feel distressed for this. Turkey has certain local characteristics. It is very suitable for the local environment and climate. It has strong adaptability. Naturally, it is not easy to adversely react. Furthermore, the soil dog has a strong memory and a very sensitive sense of smell. After we bring the dog out, the dogs basically know how to go home, so such dogs are not easy to lose.
    This dogs do not picky eaters, and have a certain self -cleaning ability. Even if you do n’t take a bath, it does n’t matter, because this dog will be more particular about hygiene. The skull farming is relatively easy. Basically, the owner eats whatever it eats. Some of the remaining meals can be given to the dog. It does not picky eaters, so the survival rate is easy to raise, and it is more worry -free.
    Novices should choose some dogs with strong resistance to raise, such as golden retriever. For novices, it is also good to breed golden retriever, but the price of golden retriever is generally cheaper to start 500, and it takes one or two thousand. We can choose the cheap, four or five hundred dollars of golden retriever, the appearance of the golden retriever is very cute, because the hair is thick, so it looks more adorable. Furthermore is a very smart animal, so when we are training and educating the golden retriever, we are more humane, and some movements can be church soon.
    Golden retriever is very loyal, and the personality is very docile, so those who have children in the family can raise golden hairs. Don't be too much. Worried that the golden retriever will hurt the child. Dogs are generally very loyal, and it is no exception for golden retriever. Once there is danger, the golden retriever will be very confused, and it will rush in front of the owner. Planting dogs is very docile and friendly to family members.

  2. You can choose Sherry, you can choose Bome, you can choose Corgi, you can choose Labrador, Alaska, Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Bian Mu, etc. These dogs are smarter.

  3. You can choose Corgi. Because Corgi's body shape is not particularly large, and it is also more docile, which is relatively good choice.

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