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  1. Common meat dog varieties have a history of thousands of years, but there are no specialized meat varieties worldwide for thousands of years. In recent years, with the rise of the meat dog breeding industry, people have continuously cultivated a variety of “good meat breed dogs” from dog species with large body size, large meat production, fast growth rate, and high reproduction rate. At the same time, the introduction of some good varieties from abroad has greatly promoted the development of the meat dog breeding industry. The variety is the foundation, as the saying goes, “good seedlings and good seedlings.” The variety of meat dogs refers to some local varieties with large body shapes, fast growth and development, and good meat performance, such as Santa Bernard dogs in Switzerland, Great Dan dog in Germany, Nuoliston dogs in the United States, Tibetan mastiffs in China, British from Britain Masidov dogs and so on. In the meat dog breeding industry, especially the scale breeding field, we must make full use of favorable conditions, carry out hybrid cultivation, and use hybrid advantages to improve the growth efficiency and economic value of meat dogs. Blood dogs can be divided into three categories: large, medium and small according to their size; large meat dogs weigh more than 40 kg, body height is more than 70 cm, and body length is more than 70 cm. , Masidov dogs, etc.; Medium -sized meat dogs are generally 20-40 kg, body height of more than 40 cm, and body length of more than 50 cm, such as Du Bin dogs, Soviet red, Lotwell dogs, Taihang dogs, chopstick dogs, etc. Variety; small meat dogs are generally less than 20 kg, with height and body length below 40 cm, such as my country’s Shape dog.

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