How to raise a pet dog

I haven't raised a pet dog before, I bought it, I don't know how to raise it

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  1. 1 The management of puppies
    (1) Maintenance, three transitions. Two maintenance refers to maintaining and maintaining the raw feed in the original circle; the three transitions refer to the transition of feed, breeding system and environment. Feed transition: At about 1 week after weaning, the feed formula is still the same as the breastfeeding replenishment. It gradually transitions later. After weaning, it can be changed to the puzzle feed family. The transition of the feeding system: The stable life system can promote the growth of puppies and reduce the occurrence of disease. Young dog feed should be refined, quantitative, and feed less meals to maintain its strong appetite and digestion. Environmental transition: After weaning, the reasons are used for breeding method, that is, no mix of the original circle, no mixed group and the nest, bringing out the bitch out.
    (2) Three -point positioning refers to the fixed location of food and drinking water, fixing the place of sleeping, and fixing the location of dung urine.
    (3) Select the days of sunny weather and strong wind. It is not required to go to a bitch, because the column period has reached the out of the column when sexual maturity, but it should not have much effect on fertilizer education, but it should be educated to eliminate the bitch. According to the size and physical strength, the group management is generally 8-10 per small group.
    (4 new puppies, especially puppies bought from outside, because they have been in contact with other animals in the market, or those who want to buy constantly touch this with their hands, and put them with their hands. The pathogenic microorganisms spread. Therefore, the owner should take it to the veterinary hospital for examination immediately after getting the pet. You can ask the veterinarian to give your puppies first, and wait for about 10 days when you go home for about 10 days. It adapts to the environment of the new home, and then take it to vaccine. The deworming is generally performed at 20-25 years old, and it will be performed regularly once a month. Wash once a day. Salt and water basin disinfect once a week, can be boiled for 20 min, or soak for 20 min of 0.1 % new Jieer extinguishing liquid or soak with 2 % -4 % roasted alkali water. Finally, rinse with water.
    2 The breeding of puppies
    The heat required for the growth and development period of puppies is twice that of adult dogs. It is said that dogs can live about 12-16 years, which is much shorter than dogs. It's like a concentrated life. The dog's development speed is also very fast. It can grow into a dog from 1 to one and a half years of birth. This growth period is very important, and even the puppy's life can be left and right. Growing should pay special attention to the diet of its development.
    The puppies will be weaned about 6 weeks of birth, and ordinary food can be eaten later, but within 1-6 months of birth, it should be fed it every day to feed it every day. Eat 3-4 times. After weaning until about the third month, the feeding time should be set at 7 am, 12 o'clock in the morning, 5 o'clock in the evening and at 10 o'clock in the evening, 4 times a day. It can be fed in the morning, noon, and evening. The amount of feeding to puppies during this period is about one-third to half of the adult dogs. From weaning 2-3 months to 3 months During a month, the puppies' food composition will determine its lifelong eating habits. If you are ready to continue using special dog food in the future, you must let it adapt to the taste of special dog food during this time. If the method is raised, the food should be mainly animal protein and feed more high-calorie foods. When the puppies are 2-3 months of birth, the meat should be cut into thin pieces due to the development of teeth and the lower Hubei. It. Milk, butter, cheese, etc. are also more suitable. But the harder bones are still not given to them first. After birth 6 months to 1 year old, it is about ten years old. Young dogs who are equivalent to 18 years old can be developed. During this period, it is the period when the dog grows most. N Most puppies can eat hard -dedicated dog food in about 2 months. If puppies are not used to it for a while, they can use boiling water, milk or soup to be soft before feeding them. Each one can be used. Each one can be used. The size of the dog's food is not exactly the same. At the beginning, it can be fed a little bit, and then the amount of food can be determined whether the amount of food is too far. You can slowly increase feeding with the process of growing up with puppies. quantity. The feeding amount should be adjusted every 3 weeks according to the puppies' eating conditions. In order to meet the needs of rapid development during the puppies, it must be allowed to eat as much high -calorie food as possible. But if you consume too much fat, it is easy to damage the digestive organs. Therefore, you can remove the fat in the meat and feed it, or you can feed less foods such as meat and other fats.
    3 How to help the puppy protector the cold
    , even if it is a long hair variety, because there is no long dog hair, the resistance is insufficient, and it is particularly afraid of the sudden cold and cold wind blowing. There are several ways to help puppies to protect the cold: you can put some clean old blankets, thick towels, etc. in the nest, helping puppies to warm up. If you buy the puppies alone and raise it, because you have been separated from the group, it is difficult to warm each other with snuggling. Don't put the puppy in a too ventilated place to prevent freezing. Especially the 6-8 weeks of puppies are the most likely to have a cold. If you don't know cooking, it is best not to buy puppies in winter. After heating or waiting for it, buy it a little older. Its resistance will be stronger.

  2. Dogs are old -fashioned, but there are still such tragedies in dogs every year. Why do dogs have repeatedly appeared in July and August of each year?
    The scientific revealing: The real science is not only high temperature, but also low pressure.
    In July each year, we entered our commonly known "three volts", that is, summer. The old saying: "Sanfu Tian, ​​it is advisable to use it without moving." Because the weather in the Mainland in July and August, the temperature was not only high, but also low air pressure. When a person is in an environment with low air pressure for a long time, the body often has chest tightness, breathlessness, dizziness, and poor mental state. It should be the key protection object. Different from adult dogs, puppies who have just been born have not experienced the four seasons in nature, and their ability to adapt to the outside world is not strong, so it should provide a ideal environment with air circulation, low temperature, and higher air pressure. Essence
    The minimize the strenuous exercise and environmental changes of the puppies. Environmental changes may directly lead to dog endocrine disorders, neurological disorders, and low pressure and fear of strangers may also directly cause infringement of organs.
    Im friends must attach great importance to the work of Tibetan samples in ideology, and create a happy, healthy, comfortable, and refreshing summer growth environment for our dogs. Only our pet dogs can grow up healthily. Happy and peaceful summer heat.
    Mu you should pay attention to the diet of dogs. You can feed it for everything. It is the best choice for dog health. Do not feed foods of meat, chicken liver, chicken bone, milk, etc. Chicken bones are softer than other bones, so it is easy to get stuck in the dog's throat or intestine. The food for the dog should be lighter, do not give food with salt. Because the food with salt can cause the dog's taste to decline and get angry; it is easy to increase the dog's eyes.
    Igly, you are recommended to feed some dog food or coarse grains and fruits, and change it for a while to change the taste. Always eat a food dog. Dog food is rich in vitamins, protein, etc., which is definitely good for the growth of dogs, so that your dog will be healthy. If the dog does not eat dog food, you can use beef soup and chicken soup to feed it in dog food. That dog is easier to eat. It should be reminded that soaking dog food with soup is also learned. Do not use those soups with salt, preferably clear soup. Use hot soup or hot water (soaked for half an hour) with cold soup or cold water (soaked for more than an hour). If you don't eat it, you can buy some chicken breasts to feed it, because chicken breast meat is easier to digest.
    Belief is the core of this problem. The simplest principle is to prepare a variety of food types for dogs. Because in the life of dogs, their physiological functions are affected by various factors and will constantly change. For example, age, climate, exercise, gender, estrus, pregnancy, emotion, etc. will constantly affect the dog's state. Therefore, the energy they need should be adjusted at any time.
    It's selection and ratio of food must be considered to grasp the structure that is most suitable for their own state. This structure is the most reasonable diet and nutritional structure. Dog's demand is different. We must manage the dogs. First of all, we should observe the status of each dog. This is the basis and starting point for us to prepare food and architecture nutrition. Essence Soon after birth, the puppies that just started weaning were the first stage of their own learning and exploring the external world. Usually, puppies can start to try other foods other than breast milk in about 45 days. At this time, safe and conventional feeding methods are to soft dog food, and then let them try to contact and lick.
    The noteworthy is that experts suggest that you should not use hot water to soften dog food with hot water, otherwise some of the nutrients will be destroyed due to high temperature. The ideal method is to soften the dog food with pure water below 30 degrees. If puppies can accept it, they can also add diluted milk in an appropriate amount. The growing puppies mainly refer to the stage of mature maturity for more than 3 months. At this time, it is the stage of rapid growth and development of puppies, and it is also the stage when they need the highest calories. Usually at the peak of growth. Many dogs need 130%-160%of the calories required for adult dogs. During this period, foods with high nutritional value need to be given to prevent dogs from being full, but the condition that the nutritional value fails to meet the standards.
    It specific food, in addition to dog food, can also add egg yolk and fine meat and even a small amount of internal organs and vegetables according to needs and experience. Adult dogs refer to dogs with completely mature development. At this stage, they have relatively stable in nutrition and food. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to their constitution, including the fat content (that is, whether the dog's fat and thin), the amount of exercise, and the degree of activity. If the management is not careful enough, this age is prone to obesity or malnutrition.
    The varieties that are easy to get fat. Some varieties of obesity may originate from their inheritance. If such varieties are raised, they need to pay more attention to their obesity problems. These varieties include: US Card Card, Charlie King Little Hound, Bucky Dog Hound, Keli Shepherd, Xishete, Labrado Hounds, Golden Retriever Finding Dogs, and Beijing Dog Dogs are usually poor appetite. If they encounter a hot climate, their physical fitness and Health is likely to be affected. Therefore, pay attention to the palatability and nutritional value of food.
    The early pregnancy, the amount of female dogs will not increase suddenly, until the fourth week of pregnancy starts, an average of 10%of the calories per week can be increased. But when the mother dog delivery, its demand for energy will suddenly increase. For example, the dog's breast milk contains 40%more than milk, so the calories required during this period are about three times that of normal. Even if breastfeeding stops, the metabolism in their bodies still maintains a higher speed, so it is necessary to slowly reduce the amount to gradually restore them. Elderly dogs are at least 8 years old (except for some special species of premature aging). Dogs during this period began to aging, and metabolism and exercise volume began to decline, so the demand for calories would also be reduced accordingly. Under normal circumstances, their required heat is 75%-90%of young dogs.
    or whether to add other foods for ordinary pet dogs, dog food is a very safe, convenient and basic food, which is the biggest advantage of dog food. However, for the breeding dogs and competition dogs in the cottage, a variety of different foods need to be appropriately added on the basis of dog food. Meat is the most basic addition of food. Meat contains the amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals required for dog survival. In addition, the shape and structure of the meat are appropriately used to exercise the bite force of the dog and maintain the health of the dog's oral health. Eggs and milk are also very helpful to the body of the dog, but it should be added according to the adaptation of the dog's digestion.
    The preservation of dry dog ​​food often, for the economy, we will buy large -packaged dry dog ​​food. Once the seal is opened, we should try to store it in a sealed container, and then store it in a dry and cool place. Some dogs eat grass, soil, wall skin, and even laundry powder. The reason why this happens is because the dog lacks certain vitamins or trace elements. At this time, they will use the original instincts of the sense of smell to find the nutritional components they need. The best way to avoid is to regulate or add the content of various vitamin groups and trace elements in food; in this way, you can easily correct their bad habits without any punishment.
    Please take care of the favorite dog de people, thank you

  3. I can ask you to train dogs to go to the toilet, which is to use newspapers. After you dinner, you see that he showed signs of going to the toilet, paved the newspaper in the toilet, and then hugged it. Generally, it was okay. If it is a puppy, it is usually sleeping during the day, and you will go to the toilet when you wake up, and use the same way. I don't know if it is useful for you. ^_^.

  4. I want to raise a Kyoto dog, how should I raise it? My mother was afraid that the dog would make the family particularly dirty. How should I have a small Jingba myself? It will be one year old on the 19th of this month. To be honest, the dog will follow

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