5 thoughts on “Everyone knows where there are dog markets in Taiyuan”

  1. Every Saturday morning, the alley, Liuxiang, and Sports Road Stadium across the Yumen River Park also have
    Igly, it is recommended to learn about the seven -day pet dog.

  2. In person, in the Xitaibao Flower and Bird Fish Market, the two dogs bought by the "True Pet" store died in less than a week. Dogs are not the same disease. Pet hospital examinations said that they have been infected at least a week, and we can’t see it during the incubation period.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello dear, 1: Dog market at the provincial stadium: On Changzhi Road, you can get directly at 824, 817, 822, etc., and get off at the provincial stadium. There are many dogs here, but you'd better go on weekends and sell dogs the most on weekends. Two: Dog Market of the Central Olympic Shopping Mall: There are two China -Olympic shopping malls in Taiyuan. This is the Heping North Road, next to the two parts of the sun, opposite the Datang family. Get off the bus, you will see a lot of electric cars selling electric cars, the next door is the dog market. I wish you a happy life, I hope you can thank you!

  4. Now the dog market in Taiyuan is basically gone. Even if you go to Xitaibao, you may not be able to see a dog or very little. It is recommended to go to Taiyuan local dog house or reliable pet shop to buy dogs. Know a lot of dog houses.

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