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  1. It is a pet with couples. There are rabbits and cats, puppies, turtles, etc., which are suitable for raising together.

    News nourishing rabbit

    If there is no safe space for breeding (such as balcony), you can also be kept in a cage. But pay attention to the bottom of the gap to install a foot pad). You can't keep it in the cage all the time, and the activities are released for more than one to two hours a day.

    In the cage to prepare feed bowl and kettle (it is recommended to use a rabbit kettle to prevent oralitis), a clean wood with a diameter of 5-10 cm allows it to grind its teeth. Clean up, and you can use the toilet cushioning wood and diaper to reduce the rabbit's urine smell.

    Remember to clean up the toilet of the rabbit at least once a day and keep it clean. It is not recommended to use wood chips, which is easy to stick.

    The rabbit is herbivorous, so it is necessary to provide unlimited Hoche grass. You can buy rabbit feed in the Bird Garden, and you can also add some oatmeal or grinding feed in the feed.

    For the balance of nutrition, do not only feed, and slowly introduce fresh pollution -free vegetables after the rabbit 8 weeks.

    The specific amount should be determined according to the physical condition of the rabbit. Expert suggestions: Generally, 2.7 kg rabbits need about 300-500 grams of vegetables a day. Because the rabbit detoxification function is poor, it is best to pay attention not to contain pesticides. It should be cleaned thoroughly. After washing, put it in the ventilation place for 1 to 2 hours (do not expose to the sun), and then use the remaining water kitchen paper towels. Wipe dry. (Do not be too wet, otherwise you will be diarrhea, it is difficult to do if you diarrhea)

    The note: Vegetables and fruits are different. Fruits are not recommended to give rabbits. Because fruits are a burden on the gastrointestinal and teeth of rabbits. If you have to supply, please do not exceed 1 day 1-2 tablespoons.

    . The rabbit needs to drink water and cannot give raw water. It must be boiled water.

    It the rabbit loves cleanliness. It will be convenient in a fixed place in the cage (usually on the other corner of the feed), so you can use the rabbit toilet. If you prevent urine odor, you can put pet diaper or deodorant.

    The recommended to clean up at least once a day to maintain clean and hygienic, which is also the prerequisite for rabbit health.

    In outside the cage, you can also make a fixed toilet, prepare a paper box for a western cake, and cut it into a L -shaped (remove the upper half and one side). When the rabbit is urinating, it must be cleaned up immediately, otherwise it will not be solved in the same place.

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