5 thoughts on “Do you need an injection if the dog is grabbed the skin without bleeding?”

  1. The dog's nails caught people and scratched the skin, but there was no bleeding situation, which was a typical secondary exposure. If there is bleeding, it is a third -level exposure.

    The second -level exposure to prevent the corresponding prevention, that is, to give people an injection, inject rabies vaccine to prevent rabies. If it is the degree of exposure to the third level, it is necessary to inject rabies vaccine while injecting the blood.

    The second -level exposure, no need to inject blood, only need to inject rabies vaccine. Therefore, this situation cannot be ruled out that the possibility of transmitted to rabies.

    The dog's teeth bite people, and saliva may be contaminated on the wound, which can be transmitted to rabies. The dog's paws caught people and broke the skin. It is also possible that because of a small amount of rabies virus contained in the paws, which causes to be transmitted from the wound.
    The dog's paws may also contain dog saliva. Although less saliva, it is also possible. Therefore, the dog's claws caught people, and they should be treated the same as the dog's teeth bite.

  2. Must take time to get rabies vaccine at the epidemic prevention station. Because the dog's claws have toxins, if you do n’t get rabies, you will lose money.

  3. There can be no injections in theory without bleeding, but it should be disinfected in time. If a dog is a wild dog or a stray dog, it is better to vaccinate in case of prevention.

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