3 thoughts on “How to bring a pet dog chain”

  1. Dog bulk dog chains are generally preferably fixed and fixed, such as belt type, just adjust the buckle of the collar to a bit of a little bit of the dog's neck, because the position of the puppy's neck is relatively not easy Injury, the stress point of the traction should be controlled around the dog collar. Do not pull it vigorously. The dog collar is relatively easy to wear, and it is simpler.
    The dog chain with a dog strap, if you choose the gap between the right straps on the front legs, it is not easy to control the dog action when it is too large. Later, put the dog's two front legs into the straps -type dog chain circle, and prepare for the first step.

    In the preparation of the second step, consider the tight adjustment of the dog's back, that is, whether the final merged back buckle is reasonable, the adjustment method is similar to the schoolbag belt. After adjusting the tightness, you can directly fasten the buckle on the back. In addition, it should be explained that the back buckle is generally located on both sides of the 8 -shaped straps -type dog chain. Observing carefully will definitely learn to use skills

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