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  1. For the friends who do not choose a dog rope, Xiaobian is more recommended for traction, which is easy to use than the kind of directly tie the rope to the collar. 3 major precautions for selecting traction ropes:
    The rope must be strong
    2. Do not choose too narrow rope
    3. Hardware and buckle quality pass.
    This of the set of dog ropes: Open the hardware buckle and plastic buckle on the dog rope in order.
    This part of the traction part to the horizontal direction, like a numeric lying horizontally 8.
    In we can wear a rope for the dog.
    The forelimbs of the dogs stand in the hole shown below.
    This buckle and hardware buckle are tightly tightened so that the dog rope is ready.
    Is when the dog is too large or too small, it is adjusted with a buckle on the side. If you adjust the problem, then change a new traction rope.

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