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  1. When the dog is out of the bath, the owner (it is best to find a helper) to repeatedly wipe the dog with a bath towel until the water on the surface of the body is completely dry, and then the good hair dryer is combed with a needle with a needle.
    This hair dryer to the dog's body, blowing from the back, combing while combing. The temperature should not be too high or too low, but the wind speed can be slightly larger.
    The person holding the dog's tail, one person combed the hair along the tip of the tail to the tail, and at the same time, the hair was combed until the tail was blown away.
    This is more troublesome when blowing your limbs and belly, especially when blowing the inside of the limbs. The owner can be slightly closer to the inside of the dog's body, or one of them helps the dog stands well, so that the owner can blow dry the dog's belly and limbs. What the owner should pay attention to is that when blowing the limbs and belly, the dog cannot be combed with a needle to comb the dog. It is easy to scratch the dog's skin, and touch the dog's hair with your hands. When you blow your toes, you need the dog to lie down and lift your feet.
    The hair of the ears and heads to be pulled into a straight line. Use spray lubricants to wet the hair again, so that the hair stands up and blows dry.
    When the dog blows your face, you cannot use a comb, and the owner must cover the dog's eyes. Dogs will have a large response when blowing their heads, so the owner must do a good job of protecting themselves!
    What, isn't it a relaxed job to blow the dog? It's easy to make the dogs beautiful, don't save effort on the blow!
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