2 thoughts on “Want to know how to blow the dog for a pet beauty artist?”

  1. Different dogs blow differently
    This, curly dogs represented by VIPs.
    Plip the water blower first and blow until half dry.
    In the hair dryer to continue blowing, while blowing the hair while blowing. After drying, the hair is very loose and puffed

    The sled dogs such as golden hair, Alaska and other sled dogs.
    This water blower and hair dryer at the same time, which is more efficient.
    During blowing, the wind is down, blows the water on the beauty table, and then takes the water with a towel.
    Because of the big dog, thick hair, it is also layered, it is best to blow dry from the inside to the outside.
    The tide after blowing is normal, just take it out for two laps

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    The data from Baidu maps, the final result is based on Baidu map latest data.

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