1 thought on “How to buy cheap and pure border herds?”

  1. At present, in the domestic pet dog market, the price of purebred pet -grade borders is generally between 6,700 and 67,000. If you say it is cheaper and pure species, you can consider buying about 10,000 yuan. The border herds are generally not a bloodline certificate, but the parent and maternal department is relatively pure. As for how to buy it, professional single dog breeds such as Buckingham Palace generally do not have this price of this price. In the way you can consider, you can choose some more formal multi -breed dog houses. Secondly, you can consider some not too much. Black and good reputation pet shops can consider professional breeding households in the same city or neighboring cities again. In fact, there is another good way -it is empty after buying from Australia. Now buying non -rating in Australia is actually a 10,000 yuan. In addition, the quarantine and consignment costs are actually more cost -effective than buying Buckingham Palace in China. The process is relatively troublesome. In short, the pet dog is generally a price and a “goods”. If you have requirements for the purity of the dog, it is best not to be too greedy and cheap. “Bian Mu”, the quality is conceivable … and when you have invested in the border shepherds for more than ten years, the regret is often too late, because the owner and the dog will get along Emotional, most people are reluctant to abandon it.

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