4 thoughts on “The cost of feeding is as high as 10 million. What are the most money in the world?”

  1. The cost of feeding is as high as 10 million. What are the most money in the world? The answer is actually very simple to be a bird, the name is eagle pupa. Here is why the eagle cricket will burn money so. You can refer to:
    . The eagle is a social symbol of Dubai. Knowing that there are a lot of rich people in Dubai, I believe everyone knows, but the rich in Dubai likes to raise a pet. It is estimated that there are not many people who know. In fact, the rich people in Dubai do not like dogs and cats. None of them will have their main interests. In fact, the rich people in Dubai like eagle. Now a very good eagle cricket is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even some eagle crickets can reach millions of dollars. In fact, the rich in Dubai has formed a atmosphere. Only those who can support the eagle are the real rich. Therefore, the eagle has become a symbol of social status. It has a symbol of the status of the rich people who have a good eagle.
    . The value of the eagle is high, so it takes professionals to raise it:
    It to have a cute eagle 隼 and can be recognized by everyone. This is not an easy task. Because the breeding of eagle is very difficult, you need a lot of professional knowledge, you can understand the habits of the eagle, and you can conduct systematic training to the eagle. Only such talents can make the eagle fascination more and more healthy. Therefore, these people who raise eagle must be professionals, so the rich people in Dubai need to hire such professionals at a large price, so the cost is expensive.
    In the above introduction, everyone should be able to calculate, hire professionals, and also need a good environment and very good nutritional supply. Therefore Renminbi.

  2. The cost of feeding is as high as 10 million, which is a pet played by Dubai people, and it is also one of the most money -cooled pets in the world.

  3. The pet eagles raised by Dubai, the purchase cost and basic breeding costs, the cost of breeding for a special person, which is more than 10 million, can be said to be the hottest pet in the world.

  4. Eagle 说, it is said that the ordinary eagle cricket has always been priced at $ 100,000, good quality can reach $ 1 million, and various costs can be added to $ 2 million. The most cooled pet should be him. We really don't understand the world of local tyrants.

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