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  1. Dogs are human friends. It is said that there are 137 good breed dogs internationally recognized internationally, and their uses are also very wide. Because dogs are very human, many pets like to raise dogs. It's just that there are many categories of dogs. For ordinary people, they only know the more common one. Many varieties of dogs cannot be named. Many people who like dogs can recognize the types of dogs from some software in order to recognize the category of pets.
    The first software: Dog Yi APP
    I Dog Yi APP is the first domestic dog face recognition, pet positioning, fence warning, health sports, pet marriage, pet mall and pet online medical insurance equal to one Comprehensive pet smart steward is a smart pet management platform that specializes in pet supporters and pet social functions, which can provide convenience for dog breeding users. This APP uses advanced artificial intelligence natural language processing technology to automatically identify dog ​​varieties and use the technical advantages of "artificial intelligence ". Not only does it solve the problem of the identity of dogs, just obtain the dog's facial information to determine the dog status.
    The second software: Harbin dog recognition
    Dog recognition is a professional pet dog variety identification software, which brings together most dogs of dog varieties, which can help users take pictures and identify different dogs to identify different dogs Dog category. There is also a detailed dog introduction in it, allowing users to understand different varieties of dogs at any time and learn a lot of identification. Due to its high recognition accuracy and simple usage, it has attracted the attention of many people.
    The third software: Dog Breeds dog variety
    This is a tool for taking pictures to identify dog ​​varieties. It is very convenient to use. You only need to take pictures to help you identify dog ​​species. You can also in the database. Check various dog species.
    The fourth software: FETCH dog face recognition
    This is a living entertainment application launched by Microsoft. You can quickly detect their variety by taking dog photos. You only need to bring this software to find all kinds of dogs anywhere. After discovering your favorite varieties, you can also increase some insights.

  2. 1. Dog Yi APP
    Dog Yi APP is a smart pet management platform that focuses on pet assistant and pet social functions. Comprehensive pet intelligent steward that is integrated with pet online medical treatment.
    It in dogs, users only need to bind the pet with the APP account through dog face recognition to create an ID for pets to achieve intelligent defense, growth records, health management and other functions, and master its food, food, housing, transportation online, etc. information.
    2, Dog Breeds dog varieties
    dog breeds dog variety (photographing recognizable dog variety tools) is a simple and easy -to -use identification dog variety tool. You can help you identify dog ​​breeds by taking pictures, or you can query various dog species in the database.
    3, Harbin Dog identification
    Ah dog recognition (dog variety identification) is a professional pet dog variety identification software. It brings together a variety of dogs to help users take pictures and recognition. Different dogs are different. Different dogs The category can allow users to understand different varieties of dogs at any time, have detailed dog introduction, and can also share the results of identification. The accuracy of recognition is high, and the method of use is simple.
    4. Pet recognition
    Pet recognition APP is a must -have software for dog lovers, because through the software, you only need to take a picture to quickly identify the pet type of pet, and easily obtain the pet breeding knowledge.
    5. Thousands of things recognition
    The identification is a identification artifact created for users and friends. This everything can help users to identify some animal plants in nature. Essence The software also provides identification of different breeds of dogs.

  3. There are genuine and cracked versions of construction software. The genuine version is the most expensive, and the cracked version is free. And piracy is a kind of encrypted dog re -produced by a hard replication of genuine encryption dogs. The function is exactly the same as the genuine. All functions can be used, and the cracked version does not need to be inserted, and it is very unstable. Many functions are restricted. full text

  4. Harbin Dog recognition: This is a software specially created for dog lovers, which contains pictures and information of a variety of dogs. In addition, you can also directly find out your dog's variety information through taking pictures.

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