3 thoughts on “What should I pay attention to when raising dogs for the first time? what to prepare?”

  1. Prepare dog cages, urine pads, dog food, pet disinfectant, and bath products. These are things that are necessary for pets. At the same time, pay attention to the dog's diet and do not give people food.

  2. If you have conditions to buy puppies first, it is best to go to a professional dog or individual breeder to buy it, so as to reduce the risk of buying a diseased dog. Before the dog just arrives in the new environment, you need to prepare dog food and water in advance to give him a warm and comfortable nest or cushion. After taking home, try to let it see you at any time to reduce the fear of dogs. Dogs who have just arrived at home cannot take a bath, especially dogs who have not been vaccinated to complete the vaccine. They must take about a week of adaptation or after the vaccine can be taken.

  3. First of all, we must prepare for psychological preparation. There is no experience to raise dogs and novice parents, because you need to accept a new life to enter your life and be responsible for it, and it is not low.
    This walking dog rope: Walking dogs is like a dog walking.
    2 dog bowls: one drinks water and one eats dog food. The medium and large dogs remember to buy big, especially the water basin, otherwise the dogs must change when they grow up.
    This dog nest: See where you want the dog to sleep, my dog ​​sleeps from a young age, and the dog's nest is basically useless. If you want to buy it, remember to buy a bigger.
    Dog food: feed puppies before half a year old, soak it with warm water for the teeth, soak it with warm water, and change it to dog food after half a year old. The amount of food is related to the size of the dog. We weigh 20 pounds and eat 10-15 catties of dog food a month.

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