1 thought on “What pet dog is suitable for women, women who are suitable for raising”

  1. 1. First of all, I recommend Pomeranian. Pomeranian dogs are not only high in value, but also small in size, soft hair, and not easy to have body odor, so it is very suitable for girls to raise. Secondly, a teddy dog ​​is recommended. Teddy dogs are very cute like toy dogs. They are not large, are not easy to lose hair, have a sticky personality, and have high IQ.

    2. Furthermore, golden retriever is recommended. Golden retriever is a medium -sized dog, but its personality is docile, likes to get close to people, and likes to interact with the owner very much. Girl training is also very easy.

    3. In addition, Samoyed dogs are recommended. Samoyed is a white hair and looks very noble and elegant. He often shows a angel -like smile. It is not aggressive to people, especially suitable for girls to raise.

    4. In the end, it is recommended that Akita or Shiba Inu. The two varieties of dogs are very lively. They usually like to stick to the owner and always be with the owner. And these two dogs are very loyal, and they will rush up if the owner encounters danger.

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