1 thought on “Do you need funds to sell dogs online?”

  1. Selling dogs online requires funds.

    . Selling pet dogs on the Internet is of course the cost is relatively low, but it also requires certain funds. Now the start -up funds for opening a store in a city will cost 20,000 to 300,000, and the cost of opening the store is too high. In case it is not possible, it will be large, so it can be said that it is a more reliable project to use the online platform to sell pet dogs!

    . Selling dogs on the Internet. Generally, if you follow the formal procedures, many pet dogs that are difficult to make money on the Internet need to be carried out for sale, so you need to provide quarantine certificates.

    It you prepare logistics and proofs that need to be prepared, container for transportation, etc., you can sell it online. Therefore, a certain amount of funds are needed.

    . If it is only sold to local netizens online, then pet dogs will be delivered directly to the door, there is not much restriction, and various transactions in private are free. At this time, the funds needed are even less, just prepare the vehicle to send it yourself.

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