Why do dogs like to bury food and hide it?

Why does my dog ​​always hide what he eats? The idiot grabbed on the floor. Essence

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  1. In the past, dogs lived in nature, and they were accustomed to food that dragged food as food with food. They could be dragged to safe and hidden places to eat it with confidence. The food is very intense.
    The strange dining behavior of dogs is an ancient instinct to follow the ancestor of dogs as hunters and rotors. Because the ancestors of the dog cannot expect humans to feed them twice a day at fixedly.
    is because the dog and other wild dogs can guarantee something when they are hungry. Dogs will hide the killing prey in different places. When you can't catch the prey, you can return to these places to eat.
    Is that dogs are also afraid of their own food, especially dogs with weak and unsatisfactory struggle, so they are used to hiding and protecting the food first, even if they are all home -raising pet dogs, but the habit has already been accustomed Become an instinct.
    Extension information:
    The dogs mainly rely on its sense of smell when foraging. Using the habit of dogs, you can train the dog's ability to track the track tracking. But it is also this habit that easily causes the phenomenon of dogs for dirty things. When people think that it is already dirty, the dog only smell its aroma, and does not care whether the food is dirty.
    Therefore, to train dogs to not pick up dirty organs other than eating, if you add food given by people other than the owner, this is the dog's refusal. Although the smell of dogs is not developed, its sense of smell is very developed. Therefore, the use of the habit of searching for food and searching for smell can train dogs to track and identify qi taste and the ability to search items.
    When the dog is excreted and urinates, there are generally not relatively fixed places, but the dogs are not excreted and urinated in their own diet. It is often excreted and urinating in a quiet and remote place, or there are soft ground places. The male dog has the habit of lift urine in the corners and trunks. This behavior is to do road signs or the scope of its influence, not the dog's habit of urinating.
    The puppy is often big and urinating around himself. The surrounding environment was messy. But after the dog is adult, it is generally relatively fixed, with large and urinating.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  2. Because the dog is worried that you take your food, it must hide the food; the other is that the owner often does not feed the dog, so the dog must hide your food, so as not to be hungry next time. Eat things. My dog ​​is like this.

  3. This is a sense of security, that is an animal. He has the ability to reserve food. When he is hungry, he will find out to eat

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