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  1. Friends who raise pet dogs are often confused. Why do I have enough food for pet dogs, and pet dogs still secretly hide food? Why is this? Let's follow the editor to find out!
    Reason 1: The nature of pet dogs
    Pets like to hide food and pets! The pet dog raised in the yard often likes to lay a pit in the hot summer. If there are leftovers, it also likes to hide it in the pit. This is because pet dogs often dug a three -meter -wide pit on the hill slope in the wild era, and its storage habit was also developed at that time.
    Animals generally have a special habit, different animals, and their habits are different. In order to prevent grain from grain, some animals will store some food in advance. We call this habit storage. For example, the Bird Birds often capture some small animals it likes to eat in some insects, lizards, frogs, etc., and hang them on branches or thorns to eat at any time. The purpose of their capture of small animals is still to prevent insufficient food in winter. Squirrels also have this habit.
    This dogs also have food storage habits. You can often see pet dogs in the wild in the wild, bury the animal bones in, and cover it with soil. The ancestor of the pet dog was wild carnivorous animals, mainly based on rabbits and other animals. Sometimes they are hungry because they cannot capture small animals. In order to prevent hungry, they gradually developed a kind of food storage habits, buried foods such as the remaining small animals into the soil. Later, after human training, although the food was no longer short, the ancestors were inherited from the ancestors. This food storage habit has been maintained.
    Reason two: The strong possessiveness of pet dogs.

    not only a certain selfish psychology, but also to occupy some things, pet dogs, and pet dogs are not weaker than people. Positive performance. The possessiveness of pets refers to the desire to possess the environment and things around them. The pets of pets are very possessive. Sometimes they do not even let the owner touch their "private property" to prevent the owner from taking his own things to get his stuff. Go, they will get their favorite Dongzang, especially food.
    The method of pet dogs to store leftovers: Dig holes on the ground with two forelimbs on the ground, bury the signs of food inside it, and carefully push the soil back with the tip of the nose. When other pets pass here, pet dogs often stand on the storage ground to roar to show their ownership. In our eyes, it seems useless, and pet dogs will also collect and show strong possession. Therefore, the behavior of pet hiding food is also inseparable from the possession of pets!
    Reason three: Feed too much

    The pet dog hides the food, sometimes it shows that the owner is fed too much. Many animals have the habit of storing food, and the same generation of pet dogs, and this instinct is not who taught it, but brought in the mother's fetus, or it was brought about by natural genes. I have been full now and I do n’t want to eat it, so I hide the extra food and dig out when I want to eat it. So too much for the owner is also a reason why pets like to hide food!
    Reason 4: Pet dogs' heredity

    members of the dog family such as wolves, foxes, crickets, mountain dogs, and dogs all have the instincts of secret storage of food. They reserve some foods In order to prepare for the need. Even the pet dogs that are best fed in your home and the greatest extent that it meets its requirements, it will still bury the bones and dug them out.
    It without bones, pet dogs will bury foods such as biscuits such as bones. These are derived from their ancestors of wild dogs, because foods in the wild are often not enough. Occasionally, excess foods must be stored safely.
    and pet dogs are not afraid to eat rotten foods, because their stomach has powerful digestive enzymes, so that they will not get sick even if they eat rotten foods. In this case, pet dogs "deeply dig holes, "The behavior of accumulating grain" is also understandable, so the inheritance of the habits of the ancestors is also one of the reasons why pets like to hide food.

  2. Tibetan food is the nature of dogs. Many animals have the nature of food storage. They need to deal with changing weather; dogs have a strong possession of food; they are not finished, so they have to be hidden.

  3. I personally think that Teddy's hidden food does not represent anything, because from food is a kind of nature of all dogs and cannot explain anything.

  4. The reason why some foods are hidden are to prevent eating when they are hungry. The owner does not have to worry too much about this situation. If you want to change this habit, you can put food in the designated place. After eating and packing, you can change this habit for a long time.

  5. Teddy Tibetan food shows that they inherit their ancestors' genes, which can show that it is really very smart. They can eat food in time when they are hungry.

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