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  1. cannot. Pet consignment process. First, book tickets and apply for oxygen compartment.
    . Inspection and quarantine.
    In according to the requirements of the airline, the following inspection and quarantine certificates (animal health immune naming, animal quarantine certificate, transportation device disinfection certificate) need to be provided for inspection and quarantine. Among them, the consignment pets must be half a month after the vaccine and the animal health immunization certificate is issued in order to continue to obtain certificates of animal quarantine qualifications and disinfection of transportation equipment.
    . Buy a aviation box.
    The air box during check -in, the pet owner needs to be purchased by themselves. The aviation box requires a disinfection certificate issued by the units above the district -level animal epidemic prevention supervision, that is, the disinfection certificate of transportation equipment.
    . Consignment.
    In the preparation of the above, you can handle your pet consignment. According to airline regulations, small animals need to fast 10 hours before taking off. It takes about half an hour to check the processing process. It is recommended to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance.
    5. Receive pets.
    Finally, let's take a look at the matters that need to be noted:
    1) Simulation before the line: Before checking, you can help the dog to adapt to the environment of the air box, simulate, close it, leave it, let it experience first experience a bit. If the dog cannot adapt, appease them in time.
    2) Ensure health: Make sure that the dog rests well before departure, good health, and no diseases such as diarrhea. If the dog is easily nervous or stimulated, you can consult the veterinarian and buy some sedatives to take it to relieve emotions.
    3) Prepare box: Prepare strong and durable air box.
    4) Prevent squeeze: You can bundle plastic products on the air box to avoid pressing the box on the box.
    5) Make sure to stabilize: Make sure that the bottom of the aviation box is stable and will not slide. If there is a wheel, you should remove the wheels.
    6) Put more paper: Although the staff will hang a brand on the airbox during the consignment, in order to prevent the transportation of the transportation, it is best to post name, contact information, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, flight number number, With a small piece of paper with a destination, one more layer of protection.
    7) Drinking water: Almost all air boxes are attached with water heaters. You can first freeze into the ice cubes filled with the refrigerator filled with a drinking water heater, and then install it to the air box during the plane. Do not worry about the trouble of being overturned and drinking without water.
    8) The box is strict: Be sure to tie the aviation box strictly, not to be opened or bitten by pets. It will not be opened even if there is a bumpy door in the air to prevent pets from running out.
    9) Winter warmth: In winter, pay attention to keep warm. Generally, the air box has two rows of ventilation holes in the upper and lower rows. In winter, the lower row can be blocked. In winter, dogs need to be small, just drink water before transportation. Do not need to prepare water heaters, so as not to overturn and let the dog cool.

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