How to check without a dog without a dog

Hi! My dog ​​is in Xiaoshan! No dog card! Can it be checked or airlifted back! If you can! There are more than eight pounds of dogs! How much is the cost of consignment from Xiaoshan to Nanchang

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  1. Pet dogs do not require a dog certificate. When a seat or ticket purchase, it provides animal quarantine certificates. It can be checked after the airline agrees.
    The passengers should transport small animals to the airport for consignment procedures on the day of the time specified by the airline. International flights must also have valid documents required to enter or transit for small animals in China and transportation in China and transportation.
    The container of small animals should meet the following requirements:
    (1) It can prevent small animals from damaging, escapeing and extending the container to damage passengers, luggage or goods.
    (2) Ensure that air circulation does not cause small animals to suffocate.
    (3) It can prevent feces from overflowing, so as not to pollute aircraft, on -board equipment and other items.
    A small animals carried by passengers cannot be transported in the cabin except the airlines. The weight of small animals and their containers shall be charged separately according to the standards of overweight baggage fees. Small animals were injured, lost, delayed, delayed, ill or died, and airlines were not responsible.
    The expansion information:

    The problems that have been checked on the way to escape from recently, and the person in charge of the transportation department pointed out that in order to prevent the escaping incident of living animals, the Civil Aviation Administration has specially issued special departure to send Notice, standardize the packaging and operation requirements of living animals.
    If according to regulations, for cats, dogs and other pettate -like animals, we should add cloth or hemp fiber rope network sets to the container to prevent the container from being damaged by the container.
    The mesh aperture of the network set should be based on the animal's head. Passengers check in pets by plane should pack small animals in accordance with this regulation to avoid the escape incident of small animals.
    Reference materials Source: China Civil Aviation Administration-Luggage
    Reference materials Source: China Civil Aviation Administration-Civil Aviation Administration held a June June press conference

  2. You need to provide the following corresponding files:
    1. Flights in China: Passengers should show the animal quarantine qualification certificate issued by the quarantine department above the county (district) or above; n
    A. The "quarantine certificate" and "rabies immune certificate" issued by the moving and plant quarantine department of the People's Republic of China;

    b. n c. Other documents stipulated in the state of entry or transit (reference to the regulations of the country in TIM).

    Note: Live small animals (such as Hong Kong) can only be used as the transportation and entry of goods, and they need to be checked clearly.
    The small animals carried by passengers must be healthy, harmless, clean, and non -odor, and cannot carry small animals with pregnancy;
    The passengers should stand 90 minutes before the opportunity will be left 90 minutes before the opportunity will leave 90 minutes. Ship to the airport to check the consignment procedures;
    If the passenger considers small animals as dogs or cats, passengers must sign a small animal transport exemption book.
    The expansion information:
    This Dog Dog's requirements for pet boxes:
    The animals must be installed in a strong metal, hard plastic or wooden container suitable for its characteristics, and meet the following conditions:
    1. It should be a special aviation pet to consignment box. It must be made of strong materials and fixed on the top. At least three sides of it must be ventilated. The door of the pet box must have a locking device, and it is made of a solid metal. It can effectively prevent pets from opening the box door by themselves.
    2, all accessories of pet boxes (including nuts, doors, rivets, locks, etc.) must be firm and good performance.
    3, the bottom of the pet box is stable and can be fixed on the flat ground without sliding. If you choose a pet box with wheels, you need to fix the wheels or remove the wheels in advance to ensure that the pet box does not slide during transportation.
    4. It is convenient to feed small animals and drink water, and ensure that small animals can stand freely in the box, sit down, turn around, and lie in a normal posture.
    5, the pet box needs to be covered with water absorption pads (such as towels, blankets) to prevent pet excrement from spilling and contaminating other luggage.
    Reference information: Southern Airlines-Baggage Service-Special Luggage-Small Animals

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