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  1. Today, there are more and more family members. In fact, those who have raised pets know that it is really not easy to raise these "master" and be a shoveling officer. In the morning, you have to serve. "Little masters" are respectful, waiting for them to eat more on time than themselves. Occasionally tearing a home and breaking things, what can we do, we are also desperate. At present, the main body of pets has gradually developed to younger, and it is no longer exclusive to retired uncle and aunts. So the question is, why is this?

    First, contemporary only children "Alexander"
    0 have now become the main consumption and money -making body of society, and this generation generally responds to the country's call: family planning. At present, ordinary 90s (remember, I am talking about ordinary) facing housing pressure, work pressure, marriage pressure, and some are already facing the pressure of children! Seeing this, some people have to say that our father has also faced these pressures. How did they carry it? Brothers, I have a MMP in my heart that I do n’t know what to say. And there are many brothers and sisters. If you have any questions, you can think of everything, and the price at that time is compared with now? Therefore, in this era of forced people, there are no brothers and sisters in the post -90s, and there is no ability to resist the pressure of pressure. So the post -90s subject choose the method of relieving stress: pet -breeding is a good choice ~
    second, the city lonely, empty nest youth

    especially in the empty nest youth, age, unmarried Among the post -80s and 90s crowd labeling in one of the livestock, cats have become a fashionable lifestyle. When facing a pale life, they face the cunning and darkness of human nature, and the most beautiful expectations in my heart have been pinned on the pets. At least I am nice to them. Pretend to be a real self.
    Third, the living conditions are good, and the selectivity is more and more
    The pets are no longer the same as before. As it is, with the improvement of material life, more and more pet markets can be selected. The development of the Internet has gradually made Chinese people gradually understand many foreign varieties. In addition, the domestic pet market breed independently, buying a variety of dogs No longer out of reach.

    . Fourth, follow the trend
    As the social platform is hot, many people rely on pets to become popular. Many young people are seeing those "net red dogs" or "nets" Red Cat "", the life is very colorful, and it also ignits the small flame in his heart, but after raising it, it is called suffering. In fact, this is the same as successful people in human society. One of them will be a successful person, and the same is true of the net red dogs and cats. It is not as obedient as you raise one like the video.
    Actually, I believe that every pet -raising "shoveling officer" is good, or "cat slave". It is a kind child in his heart. He has the innocence and goodwill that he has never been annoyed by this society. No matter how hard life is, we all want to have "you" to accompany me to the end, that is, that is, good!

  2. Nowadays, people seem to be more or less raising pets. Although pets need a certain amount of money, people's living conditions have also improve A very good choice, whether it is a cat or a dog, in short, whether it is on your feelings or the usual life, it is a kind of sustenance.
    : It is a companion for yourself.
    The young people seem to live alone outside. Without their families around them, there is no suitable person, so no matter what they do, they are alone. At this time, if you have a pet, you can accompany yourself. After a long time, you will accompany you like your loved ones. It can be regarded as a comfort in a little bit of the other country.
    : Find something for yourself.
    Although his life is still very free, after a long time, he will still feel boring. Sometimes I can sit at home alone and let myself go, I don't know what to do. Therefore, if you raise a pet, you can also wash it to take a bath, pack them up the nest, buy things and the like when you are idle. This is a matter to make your life more fulfilling.
    : Make life a little more fun.
    The pressure of young people in society is very large, whether in work or life, it will be very helpless. Every day life is not very happy, just like a robot. After playing with pets, playing with pets can also relieve your pressure. Looking at the cute appearance of pets, I will be happy instantly.
    It when it is raising pets, it will also collapse, but it is more happy to bring yourself happiness and happiness. It is also a good thing to have a little cute with himself. My life is full of fun.

  3. First, pet dogs are mascots. The ancients said that cats came to poor dogs to come to rich dogs, raising dogs can recruit wealth. In the past, many people of many people were called dogs, dog eggs, puppies, and so on.
    It, the dog will look at the home for the home, which is more cost -effective than asking the security guard. You can also go out for a walk. When you are bored, you can accompany the owner to play happily.
    third, more and more people now know that dogs can be used as little white faces.

  4. This is a problem with personal preferences. It ’s okay to take care of pets after get off work. Or there may be more pets that are single, there is a pinch of the soul.

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