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  1. 10 kinds of dogs are recommended
    The 10 kinds of dogs that are recommended. There are more and more dogs in life. Dogs are very loyal to the owner. When many people raise pets Dogs, such dogs are still very cute, let's share 10 kinds of dogs that are recommended to raise.
    Is recommended 10 kinds of dogs 1 1. Labrador: Smart, mild dog temperament, very agile and smart, enthusiastic, strong desire for pleasure, no aggressiveness.
    2. Golden retriever: The shape is well, strong, lively, friendly, enthusiastic about personality, alert, self -confidence, not afraid of giving birth, and I like to hold items with my mouth.
    3. Teddy dog: Teddy dog ​​is very similar, lively, and strong. There is almost no body odor and basically does not lose hair. Its IQ is the second highest among all dogs!
    4. Corgi Dog: Corgi dogs are very easy to feed, and they are very casual to eat. You can solve it for you, but don't give the dogs randomly. Short legs and big butt will bring a lot of happiness, but it just looks at it with great energy.

    5. French bullfighting dog: behavioral behavior is like a gentleman, calm personality, no barking, and the primitive fierceness from the outside still exists, although the appearance is fearful dog.
    6. Yorkshire Dog: Although the Yorkshine dog does not lose hair, it needs to be combed frequently. It can be made into many cute shapes. It will look very sweet and very popular.
    7. Shiba Inu: October and patience are easier and easy to bring out. However, there is a disadvantage that Shiba Inu is prone to jealousy, a stubborn dog.
    8. Ah Brother Dog: Commonly known as Haba dogs, although the size is small but the structure is strong, I like to interact with their family, do not need a lot of outdoor activities, and is very loyal to the owner.
    9. Samoyed Dog: Samoyed dogs are naturally smart and loyal to the owner. Mainly white fur varieties.
    10. Chinese pastoral dogs: The price of Chinese pastoral dogs is not high, and it can cost a good dog for dozens of dollars or a hundred dollars. It is humane, the best dog who protects the door and protects the door. They are easy to feed, and they don't need to spend too much money when breeding.
    Id 10 dogs 2 TOP1: Labrador dog
    Personality: gentle, clever, good at thinking, bold and hearty
    Price: 1000 ~ 3500
    advantages : Not picky, docile, clever, good -tempered, high -value
    It is recommended to raise Labrador dogs. The owner must control the amount of feeding to avoid obese body shape, which is not good for Labrador.
    TOP2: Biens
    Personality: lively, cheerful, loyal, sticky person
    Price: 1000 ~ 2000 yuan Mao Shao, less food, very clever, good obedience
    The greedy than bear dogs, so it is easy to cause picky eaters. This is also caused by the owner. It is recommended to feed less dog food. For things outside, fruits and vegetables can be fed.
    top3: Samoyed dog
    Personality: docile and friendly, loyalty, vigorous, naughty and tricky n price: 1000 ~ 3000 yuan Good memory, not picky eaters, good for children
    The feeding Samoyed needs to pay attention to diet. It is recommended not to give it too salty. It is best to choose some light and low salt in dog food to relieve tears.

    top4: Corgi dog
    Personality: lively, friendly, enthusiastic
    Price: 1000 ~ 3000 yuan
    advantages: good -looking, smart, bold, happy, happy, happy The source
    The legs of the Corgi dog are very short, and the owner should not let it climb the stairs often.
    TOP5: French bullfighting dog
    Personality: friendly, cheerful, clever
    Price: 4000 ~ 8000 N knows that everyone has raised French cattle know that it is a very expensive dog, and it is very sticky and cute, but the breeding of French cattle should pay more attention to dietary problems, and there are regular nursing problems.
    TOP6: Golden Rather Dog
    Personality: docile and friendly, loyalty, lively
    Price: 1500 ~ 3000 yuan
    advantages: smart, sensible, high value, unscepful eaters, right, right, right Human enthusiasm
    The golden retriever has a large amount of hair loss. The owner can comb its hair more, and the light diet can effectively relieve the hair loss.
    TOP7: Yorkshire Dog
    Personality: Youyou, brave, sticky, smart
    Price: 3000 ~ 6000 yuan Good, clever, small food amount
    Thisy dogs must pay more attention to diet. Do not give it too much people to eat too much, so as not to cause rough hair and lustrous hair, so that the Yorkshine dogs are not good -looking.
    TOP8: Shiba Inu
    Personality: independent, sticky, stubborn and stubborn
    Price: 6000 ~ 10000 Calling, love clean
    The Shiba Inu, a particularly stubborn pet dog, is particularly easy to bring Shiba Inu to go out, but it is really difficult to bring Shiba Inu home. It is recommended that the owner can bring some delicious snacks to go out together, so that you can use it to put It cheated home.
    top9: Teddy dog ​​
    Personality: docile, lively, more sticky
    Price: about 800 ~ 2000 Small hair
    The hair of the teddy dog ​​is easy to fade. It is recommended that the owner should choose some dog food with low salt content, and choose dog food to choose some dog food with beautiful hair components.
    TOP10: Bagu dog
    Personality: cheerful, kind -hearted, gentle, lively
    Price: 2000 ~ 5000 Very gentle, not picky food
    The Bagu dogs must pay attention to face care, because the Bagu dog's face has a lot of wrinkles. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the face of the Bagu dog will cause a lot of problems.
    Is recommended 10 kinds of dogs 3 1. Chinese pastoral dogs
    The Chinese rural dogs are relatively docile and are not easy to actively attack humans. sick. It is widely used in rural home care homes and early hunting.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are the products of Chinese Han people in the context of thousands of years of farming society. They are the activated rocks of history and culture. They are called "Chinese dogs".
    2. Poodle
    The poodle is one of the famous pet dog varieties. Its breeding range is very extensive, and their figures are shining around the world. The poodle is a very active, alarm and an elegant dog breed. It has a good physical proportions and healthy actions, showing a confident. They are very smart, lively, good, easy to approach people, easy to receive training, and are very loyal dog species.
    3. Teddy
    The main features of Teddy dog's personality is that it is clever, docile, obedient, and sticky. The teddy dog ​​has a very strong memory ability and has a high IQ. If you have got along with the teddy dog, it is not difficult to find that its attitude is very proud and confident. In the eyes of the teddy dog, sensitivity and intelligence will always be flashed. Any change in.
    If to describe the teddy dog ​​in one sentence, then it is an extraordinary temperament and a unique dignified pet dog.
    4. The sausage dog
    The most striking point of the sausage dog is that he was shaking and cute when he walked. It was more loyal to treat the owner. The partner dog, the alert is not gentle, beautiful but not proud. The sausage dog is quite lively, cheerful, brave, cautious and confident.

    5. Bagu dog
    The Bagu dog is a kind of small dog with deep forehead and large eyes and very large eyes. First, the leuble is very strong, her temperament, lively and active, and also loves cleanliness, and needs to clean the hair frequently. It is worth saying that although the Bagu dog is food, as long as it controls its food, it is also suitable for the poor.
    6. German shepherds
    Ne shepherd dogs can also be called black back. They are also well -known military dog ​​varieties. They are agile in action and high IQ. Bold and lively, high degree of loyalty to the owner, and not picky eaters in terms of eating.
    7. Golden Retriever
    Golden retriever is also called golden hunting dog. It is one of the relatively common domestic dogs. Golden retriever is large, but it is lively and active. One of the biggest dogs, but golden retriever has a little greedy, so it is necessary to control its food and cultivate good food habits. In addition, it is worth mentioning that there are more golden hair hair, which need to be sorted out and clean regularly daily.
    8. The deer dog
    The deer dog is also called the mini poodle. The place of origin is Germany. The personality is relatively cheerful and lively. The deer dog is very alert and has a strong self -esteem, so you can't treat it too rudely, otherwise it will be angry.
    9. Chihuahua
    is a relatively old -fashioned breed. It is also very petite, with elegant movements, agile movements, and well -proportioned body shape. However, although Chihuahua is more friendly to humans, it is more excluding other dogs, so they cannot be mixed.
    10. Big dog
    is a hunting dog, which is well-known worldwide, and is welcomed by many families. Big ear is relatively large, and it is a particularly ears. The appearance is very stingy, the personality is clever and docile.

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