5 thoughts on “Why does the dog move after bringing the collar?”

  1. The reason why the dog is motionless after wearing the collar:

    . The feeling of the dog n 1. Because he is not used to
    In this regard, I feel afraid and be confused. I have to choose the most secure way. This will definitely not be dangerous, so as not to lose life.

    . Because it does not like the feeling of being restrained
    The world of dogs is free, his experience from the female dog is full of love, unrestrained, happy and warm. He has been unrestrained from his life, and his mother has not given him so much restrictions. After leaving my mother, I went to the new owner, so as not allowed to bite, do not let me scream, and do not let the urine anywhere (originally a mother licking and handling), I have to sleep and eat dog food by myself. His brain, now he has to put a set on his most important organs (neck -life). How do you think he thinks?

    . The method of adaptation of dogs

    1. Do not rush to find
    While you should not rush to success, take it slowly. First put the collar in the dog's nest, let the dog smell the collar, and the familiar collar taste. Let the collar stay with him for a day. Make him feel that this is his toy or partner. He had contact with the collar and was afraid of fear. He put it on her and appealed in language to tell him to take her out to play. In short, the movement must be slow, don't just put it up when you catch it, so that next time it will not give you a chance to lie to you.

    2. The adaptation method of small dogs
    does not pull him in a set of collar, making him feel the tightening and pain of the neck, and society makes him fear. After wearing a collar, if it was a small dog, he could hold him outside and put it on the ground. When he found that there was something fun, after starting the activity, the owner took the dog chain while taking advantage of it. Don't pull too tightly the dog chain, try to keep up with his pace. When he is completely relaxed, he is no longer afraid to teach him how to follow the host's pace.

    3. The adaptation method of large and medium -sized dogs
    If it is a medium or large dog, you can put on the dog chain at home to let him wear item collar without the dog chain. After he was not afraid, plus the dog chain. At first, the dog chain was as short as possible. It was best to get close to the neck, because the dog owner's hand was the most familiar part of the dog, and he would not be afraid. When you go out, the owner should not let the dog follow himself, but the host follows the dog's pace. When he is completely relaxed, he is no longer afraid to teach him how to follow the host's pace.

    . Let the dog experience happiness
    Co every time you wear a dog collar, the owner must show very happy and happy emotions, letting him know that wearing a dog collar now There are good things, you can go out and play immediately. You can go out and solve your hands. You do n’t have to stay at home, you do n’t have to urinate anymore, you can see the partners of other dogs, etc., mobilize her emotions. In the future, he will like his dog collar very much. As long as this person speaks, the dog will automatically put on the dog collar to find the owner. If the dog can't get the collar, he will stand in the place where the dog is put, and the owner is waiting for the owner to get it to him.

    . Adjust the tightness of the dog collar

    This must pay special attention to the collar of the pet dog. Easy to fall. Generally speaking, the collar should be between the thickness of about two fingers between the dog's neck. After putting on the collar for pet dogs, the index finger and middle finger of one hand are inserted side by side and pulled freely, indicating that the dog collar is tight and moderate, and it is not tight; otherwise, it is necessary to adjust it moderately.

    . The scope of the dog wearing collar and the dog chain (traction rope)
    Dogs do not need to wear collar for a long time. At home, you can take the dog's collar and allow it to move freely. Once you go out, you must bring the dog collar, pull the zipper (traction rope), to ensure that pet dogs do not scatter everywhere when outdoors, and control it within its own control scope. Effective protection can effectively prevent accidents:
    . Prevent dogs from fighting, bite people or other animals.
    . Prevent dogs to urinate at will in an inappropriate place.
    3. Prevent the dogs knocked down or disturb traffic by the car.
    4. Prevent dog damage, such as running to someone else's garden.
    5. Avoid your dogs from getting in touch with sick dogs and get sick. ;
    6. Avoid disturbance and damage to others;
    7. Preventing dog loss

    . Types of dogs and dogs
    Whether it is collar type or chest and back dog chain, they are constraints. Their most important role is to restrain dogs. Settle the safety of dogs and others. So which tools we should restrain dogs and ensure the safety of dogs as a starting point for choice.
    Theoretically, the more the dog's uncomfortable restraint tool is more restrained to the dog, and the stronger the control of the dog's control. If the dog is ready to run desperately as soon as he goes out, and the restraint tool on your body does not make it feel uncomfortable, it may not be very tamed to obey the owner's "don't run away, slowly walk, obedient" Dustly discouraged.

    (1) Classification according to shape and location

    1. belt collar type dog chain

    The columns of the columns of the ring

    This collar is a flat neck collar like a belt, and it is fixed and loosely fixed like a belt.
    because of the flat shape of the belt, you can wear it on the dog's neck and not easy to slip.
    The flat collar because of only contact with the dog's neck, the stress point is completely on the dog's key neck. When the dog chain is tightened, the dog will make the dog more uncomfortable. Because the area of ​​contact with the dog's neck is relatively large, for the dogs that are easy to knot in the hair, it will cause the coat of the dog's neck.

    2. The columnar belt type chain collar type

    This dog's ring is equal to rolling the leather into a small cylindrical cylinder, and then sew it, so that the dog The collar becomes a small cylinder shape.
    In on the dog's neck, you should not simply a flat belt -type dog collar. It is more comfortable to overcome the shortcomings of the leather belt -like leather collar, because the dog collar is in the dog The contact area on the neck is small and can be rolled, so it is easy to cause the hair to stick. At the same time, the loose adjustment of the chain is set, which is very convenient to wear and take off.
    is also because of small contact area. When you pull the dog hard, the dog feels uncomfortable.

    3. Kiss neck tie dog collar

    n Kiss neck tie dog collar is composed of two nylon bands, one is the role In the nasal rings of the dog's mouth and nose, one is the neck strap with force on the top of the neck. By relaxing and slightly tightening the rope, let the dog understand that it will not struggle to relax the strap of the neck. It will not feel uncomfortable.
    The kiss neck -style dog collar can improve the obedience of the dog, so that the dog clearly knows the location between the owner and it. The way is easier, easier to like to like to be rigid, easier, and more effective. The dog is more comfortable.
    This may feel more uncomfortable, not only holding the neck. Lian nose and mouth were holding. This collar is more suitable for training dogs.

    4. Cross -chest buckle type

    It separates the chest and shoulder legs with a strap, or use a strong canvas to make space to separate different areas, and then use it to use The buckle refers to gathered merge into a point. The zipper can be installed at this point to control the dog's behavior.
    The chest and back are the strong contact between the dog zipper and the dog's body. It avoids the dog's neck and is evenly distributed on the whole body, so the dog will feel more comfortable.
    It is not easy to wear and take off. If the material is plastic, it is very easy to damage for large dogs, especially fierce dogs, and is not suitable for large -scale dogs. '

    (2) Classification of material

    1. Dog collaboration of nylon texture

    The material of this dog collar is nylon, and the price is usually cheaper than the leather.
    This dog collar can waterproof water, the material is relatively light. The color is bright and there are many beautiful styles. Another advantage is that it is easy to wash it.
    Because it is nylon, it is easy to static electricity when we wear it. And in order to strengthen the degree of strength, it is usually thick. In addition, this nylon is usually woven with coarse nylon wires, which is easy to roll with hair and silk.

    2. Dog collar dog chain

    The iron chain dog collar is basically used for large dogs, also Some small dogs will use this collar when they participate, because the iron chain can be hidden in the dog's hair, which does not look obvious and will not affect the aesthetics.
    is quite strong, very suitable for large dogs with large strength and large power. It is not easy to cause the hair on the dog's neck, and the collar is very thin. For long -haired dogs, the collar is almost invisible, and it does not affect the original appearance of the dog.
    This feeling is too strong, not as cute as nylon or leather. If you do n’t pay attention to maintenance, it is prone to rust, which will pollute the dog's neck hair.

    3. The fork -hole belt buckle items dog chain
    In the advantages and disadvantages of the dog collar of various materials, then specifically mention the advantages and disadvantages of different belt buckles Essence In general, there are two types, one is a fork -type type of plastic buckle. Let's talk about the fork hole first.

    is very strong. For dogs with relatively strong power, I highly recommend this belt buckle. No matter how hard a dog is, it is impossible to talk about the collar.
    Whether it is a leather or nylon, it will deformed after a long time, and the metal sleeve of the nylon on the punch will fall after a period of time. Although it does not affect use, it is not very beautiful.

    4. Plastic buckle collar buckle dog chain

    This buckle is used in color to match the collar color, which is very beautiful. It is beautiful and very convenient to use. It can be deducted at once when you take a dog out every day.
    not strong, if the dog is pulling forcefully, it is risk of broken. Not suitable for dogs and a big dog.

    5. Pillar leather metal regulating items dog chain

    The two rings are fixed on the collar, and there is a ring in the middle that can be buckled with a dog chain. In other words, the dog collar is always a circle, and the telescopic part is the iron chain. When you put it on the dog as long as one set is done, and then pull the dog rope on the ring in the middle, the collar is naturally tightened. As long as you adjust the tightening length into the length of the dog It became. If you loosen the dog rope or close to the dog, the collar will loosen around the dog's neck, which is very good for the long -haired dog.
    is easy to wear and take off, and the wearing circles will not be too loose and cause the deduction. At the same time, it can be tightened in time but not only holding the dog's neck. The tightness collar can reduce the friction between the collar and the hair on the dog's neck. The hair on the dog's neck will not cause damage.
    not applicable to large -scale dogs

    5. Homemade creative dog collar

    (1) Homemade cheap dog collar
    can be done according to your own needs. Buy leather in the hardware store, and it seems to be 8 yuan for rice. Buy another punching, one dollar, and hook locks and the like, just a few dollars, a dog chain that is customized does not exceed 10 yuan, but it will not be bad if you use a dog to die. Essence

    (2) Homemade pet dogs and dog collars
    1. Dog dog collar materials
    (1) Flower cotton cloth (collar table);
    (2) nylon Weaving belt (collar lining);
    (3) Plastic buckle (similar to the stuff of backpack insertion);
    (4) metal D -shaped ring (for connecting pull rope);
    (5) Pull rope (all the leather rope, nylon rope or webbing can be);
    (6) metal hook buckle (used to connect the pull rope and collar).

    2. The production of dog collar
    (1) Cut the chopped cotton cloth, the width is about 2 times the width of the nylon band; The webbing belt, and suture into the collar main cloth;
    (3) Put into the D -shaped ring on one end of the main cloth, then put into the buckle, and suture fixing together;
    (4) the other end of the main cloth of the main cloth Put into the other end of the insertion, sewing fixed.
    (5) Pluck the pull rope (or tied) on the metal hook.
    This collar and traction pull rope are made.

    3. Works of the work of homemade dog collar

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  2. Because it does n’t like to be restrained, like my dog, my dog ​​is dressed in clothes, but when I go out, I ’m used to boring the chain. I’ m used to it for a long time. Sit a pair: I just do n’t leave, but in the end it still accepted the hiding from the world every time I bring a chain.

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