5 thoughts on “How to hold a dog to make it comfortable?”

  1. Two hands, holding its chest with one hand, and holding its hips with the other hand. The chest -holding hand fingers clamped the puppy's two front legs, clamped the puppy with their arms to make it feel warm and secure. For medium -sized dogs, bend one arm, let the dog sit on it, and then surround it with another arm. For large dogs, if you have to hug it, don't support its abdomen and let the four legs hang out, so it will feel very disturbed. The correct method is to hold its four legs around his arms and hold your thighs. This can also avoid excessive struggle.

  2. Sometimes if you are really comfortable with the dog, you can quickly touch his belly. He will show a very interesting expression. The dog will only think that you are playing with him, which will not affect the relationship you have established. Of course, this kind of thing is best to build trust in the dogs that have completely established you, and you have to have a very mild dog in order to do so. When touching the dog's head, it will make them feel comfortable, and from time to time, it will make it very comfortable.

  3. Holding a small dog in the correct posture, you need to put both hands on your hands, one hand needs to hold the puppy's chest, and then hold the hips of the other hand. Note that when holding the dog's chest, your fingers should be separated, and your fingers are pinched with the puppy's two front legs, and the puppy is clamped with two arms. This will make pet dogs more secure and feel more comfortable and warm.

  4. Put your right hand on the dog's abdomen. You can gently stroke his head with your left hand, or you can put it gently to her neck. It is best to hold it with a rope. If you want to hug, there is no problem, but it is more difficult. You put your front left and right feet slightly on your shoulder, and your left and right hands must hold your hips or back.

  5. At the beginning, touch the dog's chin, so that the dog will see your hand, you will relax your vigilance, let you touch it, and touch the dog's back will make the dog very comfortable They will be very happy. Touching the dog's belly, they will be very happy, and next time you see you, you will roll on the ground to let you touch your belly.

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