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  1. There is a large part of the reason for the dog's picky eaters to eat. For example, the dogs often feed the dogs various snacks, and they must give the dog a taste of everything. Stadium. If you do n’t eat if you do n’t eat only if you are ill, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. What to do if dogs are picky or not eat, dog picky eaters are generally used by owners, because dogs are provided by the owner. In order to make their own hairy children eat better, most owners will feed the dogs all kinds of various types The snacks, even what you eat delicious, never forget to give the dog a taste. Dogs are accustomed to "mountains and sea flavors", and naturally have formed a bad habit of picky eaters, and they lose interest in dog food. Once you don't give it to eat it, it will protest through "hunger strike". The owner must first have the right food. Although some foods are delicious for us, they are not suitable for dogs, and they affect their hair, which causes their physical health problems. In this case, the owner should develop the habit of feeding dogs regularly, try only to feed the staple food as much as possible, and stop all snacks. If the dog still doesn't eat, don't be soft -hearted, and don't worry, let it be hungry. The dog is too hungry and will take the initiative to eat. This trick is very effective.
    Perobic may not eat because the dog's physical discomfort, such as poor gastrointestinal and indigestion. The owner can use pet special probiotics for adjustment. If dogs still have diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Feeding, or fed for absorption, otherwise it will cause the dog to vomit again. If the dog is caused by other diseases, the loss of appetite, this situation often has other symptoms in addition to not eating, fever and beating, pulling the stool with blood, etc. This situation is more serious. It is recommended to send the doctor immediately. Don't rush to feed it.

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