What should I do if the dog does not eat?

The puppy has diarrhea when you buy it. Today, it is much better, but it does not eat or drink?

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  1. Dogs do n’t eat: Dogs lying on the ground and do n’t want to move. Check if the dog has a snot or a cold or not. This is also a big relationship.
    In addition, if you have eaten food, you can consider this reason if you have eaten it before. Caused by parasites. If you eat well before, you will have a bad appetite, and there is a situation of rigid or thinning back, and the possibility of parasites is very likely. Dogs that often eat cold meat foods are particularly easy to have parasites. It is recommended to remove deworming regularly.
    In anorexia caused by some physical diseases, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause less and less, and then slowly eat anything.
    The cases are generally there are other symptoms. It depends on the situation. In severe cases, you need to go to the hospital to infusion.

  2. 1. Hot weather
    Whenever the hot summer comes, human appetite will also significantly retreat, not to mention the delicate dog. Thick fur makes them even more uncomfortable in high temperature environments. Whenever summer comes, the owners will make some adjustments from the dog's diet. In the daily diet, you can take some low -sugar fruits, boiled vegetables, etc. Rich vitamins and dietary fiber will promote the digestion and absorption system of dogs, accelerate metabolism, reduce the burden on the body, and increase the desire for food. During this period, you can change some different types of dog food to increase the freshness of dogs for food, which can effectively improve the appetite of the dog!
    2 Dogs are sick
    Dogs are not humans. It is impossible to explain directly when it is painful, and at this time, the owner's careful observation is needed. See if its daily mental state is sluggish; poor appetite; do not love interaction; often curled up corners and unwilling to go out, these phenomena appear that it may be sick! When the owner cannot make a judgment accurately, please bring it immediately to bring it to bring it immediately Go to the pet hospital for treatment. Do not feed the medicine without the diagnosis. It is a very dangerous behavior!
    3, excessive feeding
    due to the doting of pets, many owners like to keep feeding dogs to feed the dogs. It may be unintentional, but in the long run, the dog will not feel hungry because it is full, reduce interest in food, and may cause gastrointestinal function to disordinate gastrointestinal function in severe cases, causing gastroenteritis and other diseases.
    So in this case, the owner can stop feeding for 24 hours first. During the period, only sufficient water is provided to allow the dog to restore the hunger, and then feed regularly on time. Pay attention to each feeding. 7 full, this method is the healthiest for dogs.
    or, you can also take it out of the outdoor walk and do games to consume excess energy. A moderate amount of exercise can enhance the physical resistance of the dog, can add muscle content, promote digestion and absorption, and cause hunger to restore the desire for food!
    The dogs are actually the same as children. A moderate amount. I hope to help you find the reason why dogs do not like to eat. The little owners are about to "right medicine"!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer hello kiss, I have seen your question, I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nHello kiss, I am glad to answer your questions: Dogs do not eat food solutions: 1. If it is a bitch, observe whether it is in estrus, if so, just persist for a few days, and naturally recover appetite when this period passed. 2. I feel that staying at home is too boring, so as not to eat to protest. If this is the case, it is easy to solve. Increase the amount of exercise. The small dog will give it to toys at home. The environment consumes strong energy, and the appetite will naturally restore, and exercise will help keep the dog's figure and avoid excessive weight. 3. The weather is hot or the type of food is too single, which is easy to reduce appetite and have a bad appetite. This situation is relatively normal. You can give dogs a probiotic, mix in old yogurt to feed, and improve its appetite. The type of food is best to change. If you eat the same dog food for a long time, dogs will definitely be tired. 4. If the dog does not eat for a long time, and it is accompanied by abnormalities such as fever, it is most likely to be infectious diseases such as small, canine plague. See a doctornIn addition, dogs like to eat meat, animal liver, fish, bones, cabbage, carrots, cooked egg yolk and so on. Meat is definitely one of the foods that dogs like the most. In the eyes of dogs, the animal's internal organs are very delicious foods. Needless to say, dogs like bones. Egg yolk is also one of the foods that dogs like to eat very much. Dogs like food with fishy, ​​so animal organs have become one of the foods that dogs love to eat. When a dog has no appetite, you can prepare some animal organs to mix with dog food, and then the dog will become very appetizing. However, animal organs have high cholesterol and rich vitamins, so they cannot be eaten more. They can be feed once a week. Dog food is also a kind of food for dogs. After all, dog food is matched according to the nutritional needs of dogs, so there is no problem with dogs for a long time. Big stick bone is one of the favorite foods of dogs, because it can not only help the dog to grind their teeth, but also allow the dog to absorb the fat and calcium ions inside. Carrots are also one of the foods that dogs love to eat, and carrots have carrots, vitamins, etc., which can increase the dog's night vision, enhance physical fitness, help the intestine absorb nutrients, and laxative. Eat vegetables.nKiss I hope that the above answers can help you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~nMore 2nBleak

  4. I might as well take it to the pet hospital to see it on the Internet. Some pet dogs can't afford to wait! If you do n’t know why you do n’t know why you want to buy dogs? Don't raise dogs if you are not ready. Raising dogs must pay time and energy. I wish the puppy healthy!

  5. Tastest, picky, disease, disease, etc.
    If the puppies have just arrived in the new environment, they may not eat because of nervousness and fear. The owner needs to soothe the dog's emotions and take the dog to be familiar with the new environment as soon as possible.
    If the puppies do not like or get tired of this dog food, it may be caused by the picky eaters. You need to correct the dietary habits of the dog and reduce the feeding of snacks, because the snacks have too much temptation to the dog, The owner can also try to change one or some cans to feed.
    If the dog's gastrointestinal problems or suffering from a certain disease, the owner can try to feed the right amount of probiotics. If the dog still does not eat, it is recommended to go to the pet hospital for examination.

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