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  1. The dog ranking is docile to death, and the details are as follows:
    The first place, Alaska.
    Is don't look at the big growth of Alaska. In fact, it is a stupid one. Compared to Husky, it is more thick and stable. It shows extraordinary domineering outside, and is the most gentle and reliable guard at home. Don't bite people, super docile and cute.
    The second place, Chinese pastoral dog.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are always very happy and curious. They are the most loyal dogs and the closest dogs! Don't bite people, super docile and cute.
    third place, Samoyed.
    Samoyed is called a smile angel. The appearance is definitely a gentle look, but it cannot be easily provoked, because it is only gentle, not bite, and super docile and cute.
    The fourth place, Labrado.
    The character of Labrador and golden retriever is very similar. There is also no aggressiveness. It is very suitable for family care. It is suitable for people of all ages. Needless to say, just one word: "Labrador is the best partner of human beings!" Don't bite people, super docile and cute.
    It fifth place, golden retriever is warm.

    I believe that everyone is not surprised by this first place. Speaking of warmth, it is not our golden retriever! Not to mention that Golden Retriever's personality is a veritable Da Nuanwang who knows, and it is enough to warn you alone. Don't bite people, super docile and cute.

  2. There are many docile dogs, but pet dogs are generally docile.
    , such as golden hair, it is more docile and can accompany the child!
    The Samoyed, known as snow -white angels.
    is particularly clever, to count the border herd, that is, the border shepherd. Training, as well as police dogs, or guide dogs.
    The naughty Er Ha, Husky, born love to dismantle the family, energetic! Origin is used to pull a sled. You will destroy your home if you are idle, unless you also love to run, you can take it every day. The expression is more funny!
    Min dogs are generally docile, such as teddy bear, VIP!

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