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  1. Now the three representative brands are selected from domestic milk powder and imported milk powder for comparison: 1.both pet goat milk powder; 2. Anbei pet milk powder; 3. Miandi guest pet goat milk powder. A brand well -known Both: a well -known brand in the pet industry, produced in South Korea; Anbe: Old brand of pet industry, domestic products; Miaoweike: Pet industry new upstart, domestic brand. Second milk powder price Both: market price 160 yuan/450g -an average of 0.36 yuan per gram; Anbe: market price of 68 yuan/268g -average 0.25 yuan per gram; Miaoweike: 98 yuan/300g of market price -average per gram per gram 0.32 yuan. San milk powder origin Both: South Korea (I personally think that milk source is China, because the current status of Korean agricultural development cannot produce goat milk. China, which is similar to South Korea, has Asia's largest milk goat breeding base, which can provide a steady stream of rich milk sources ) Anbe: China Miaowei Ke: China Shaanxi Fuping Four Milk Powder ingredients Both: Goat Milk Powder Wiral Protein Powder Other Trace Elements; Anbe: Milk Powder Wranging Protein Powder Other Trace Elements; Miaowei Ke: 100%Pure Goat Milk powder other trace elements. Five milk powder smell Both: milk fragrance, heavier flavor; Anbe: milk fragrance, no flavor; (because the raw materials are milk); Miaoshike: milk flavor, lamb smellless. Six packaging Both: 450g cans, with 5g spoon in the inside; Anbe: 268g cans, with small spoons inner; Miaowei: 300g cans, 5g spoon. From the above comparison, we can see that the three brands have their own selling points, which is comparable. Although Both and Anbei are well -known brands, they do not have the victory on the milk source; the price seems to be more expensive in terms of price, but Anbei is more affordable. From the perspective of milk powder composition, Anbe is milk powder, which is not comparable to the other two brands. And also as goat milk powder, Miaoweike has more price advantages. And Miaoweike's natural ratio of 100 % pure goat milk powder has catered to the consumption concept of modern people's pursuit of nature. In terms of packaging, it is difficult to distinguish; the milk powder smell Both is difficult to escape the special flavor of the milk and loses to the other two brands.

  2. I recommend it to you Jiabei Aita Milk Powder. It is a brand imported from the Netherlands. This one I drank for the baby now. I feel that the baby is generally good after drinking it. First of all, this goat milk powder is lighter. It has a very strong milk flavor, it smells good, the taste baby is more acceptable, and I taste it, not very sweet, because I am more worried about the sweetness of milk powder, because if the sweetness is too strong, it may be added to add it. The substances of sugar sperm are not good for the baby's stomach, and this goat milk powder is pure sheep milk protein, so the calcium and fat are well absorbed. After the baby eats The baby at the physical stage is very heavy for him. It is not allergic and angry for the time when the baby drinks it for the time being, so I still have peace of mind, it is still very good for the baby.

  3. In order to welcome the arrival of new dog cats, more experienced pet owners will prepare PETAG Dolume Milk Fan.
    Petag milk powder close to breast milk nutrition. In the field of fresh and young pet feeding, it has always had a strong reputation. Not only that, PETAG is rich in casein, which is rich in casein with high protein content and promotes the gastrointestinal absorption of dogs and cats.
    It let's take a look at the cases of PETAG Bei Cool Milk Powder in the aspects of new dogs and cat feeding, adult dogs and cat nutrition supplement.
    1. The newborn stray orange cat meets the US Dolka milk powder to eat. The little orange cat weighs less than 150g when it is adopted, and cannot eat alone. After drinking the cool milk powder for 2 months, the weight "increased" to 1000g.
    2, 9 newborn kittens survive, Bei cool milk powder becomes the whole family rations. After giving birth to 9 milk cats, the owner takes care of the female cat's body, so he uses Bilu milk powder instead of breast milk Essence After the kittens were born with Bole Cool Milk Fan, the weight rose from 53g to 170g. Golden retriever puppies do not make softness, and their heads rose.
    3, the big golden retriever puppies, the stomach and stomach are not smooth, and often soft stools are thin. With the help of Bei Cool Milk Powder, it is improved to become the most beautiful "cub" again.

  4. Shaanxi Qinlong Dairy Group Co., Ltd. is a key leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization of Shaanxi Province. It is a new type of industrial chain -type sheep milk company that integrates high -quality pastoral planting, milk goat breed, sheep milk production, processing, research and development, and sales. Founded in 1998, the company was located in Yanliang District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. In 2008, the company obtained the infant production license for the first time. It was rated as the "National Safety Production Demonstration Unit of Dairy Products" by the 12th National Ministerial Commission. It was rated as "World Goat Milk Processing Model Factory" at the World Milk goat industry development conference. Essence Qinlong Dairy Group has the history of sheep milk production and research and development for nearly 20 years. It has now established standardized milking stations, large -scale farms, and milk sources, involving more than 200 natural villages. At present, our company has invested in the construction of 50,000 milk goat ecological pastures. After the implementation of the project, 100%milk can be achieved. In order to comprehensively enhance the company's independent research and development capabilities and enhance the core competitiveness of the company's products, the company has jointly established Shaanxi Qinlong sheep milk development technology with many institutions such as Northwestern Agricultural and Forestry University of Agriculture and Forestry, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Shaanxi Normal University, and Northwestern Agricultural Forestry University of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences. The research center and the sheep milk research and development center, Professor Cao Binyun, a doctoral supervisor, served as the director of the R

  5. How to choose a dog's goat milk powder:
    . Although the brand cannot explain everything, the brand can better prove the "birth" of milk powder. The brand with a good brand and good reputation will often make us use more assured to use more assured And even if there is a problem, there is a certain guarantee. Therefore, when choosing milk powder, we try to choose a brand with a certain reputation, Gu. Deng MA.G, etc. are all good brands.
    1, ingredient description:
    The composition description of milk powder is also a criterion for judging the quality of milk powder, so the milk powder component cannot be underestimated. Except for goat milk powder as the main material, whether dog milk powder contains the ingredients that helps the dog's gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, and whether it helps the dog's brain development, these are all the owners must confirm. However, in order to prevent fraud on ingredients, we should also pay attention to the outer packaging of milk powder, pay attention to whether the fonts above are irregular, and whether there are modified traces of the production date.
    2, do not choose the low price:
    The most noteworthy point is that the pie will not drop the pie in the sky. It is also impossible to have low price. Therefore, we should pay more attention to those very cheap milk powder, and try not to choose, because bad milk powder is likely to cause dogs to cause dilute and vomiting, which will cause the dog's physical fitness to be more likely to be attacked by the germs.
    3, the color of milk powder:
    The color and form of milk powder can also better explain the quality of milk powder. Different brands of dog milk powder, because the milk source is different from the production process, the color of the milk powder is not the color of the milk powder. It will be completely consistent. Like Valley. Dengnn milk powder granules will be evenly uniform, and the powder is shiny. The particles of inferior milk powder will appear uneven, and the color of these milk powder is usually white, and the color is not natural.

    This above is how to choose the dog's goat milk powder and the sheep milk powder of the dog's brand, I hope to help you.

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