4 thoughts on “I raised a Labrador, and it has been 8 months now. Where can I sell it?”

  1. Do you have no pet market? Flower and bird market? If you don't know, you can also go to the pet shop to ask, some pet shops collect these cats and dogs. Otherwise, you may want to buy photos on the local forum, and someone may want to buy it. But for 8 months, not many people may be interested. After all, many habits can be guided since childhood.

  2. Pet shops generally recycle Labrado, or you hang it on items trading software, and WeChat friends circle, etc. It depends on who wants Labrador, and if you want Labrador, you will take the initiative to contact you In this way, you can sell Labrador

  3. Extraordinary things for dogs
    Essentials: dog food, doghouse, shower gel, water absorption towel, needle comb, basin, basin (kettle), traction rope.
    If you urinate at home again, prepare toilets and urine pads
    Phoga and shower gel are best to choose
    On how to raise dogs
    Without 1 month, you can use goat milk powder instead of breast milk
    1-3 months. Use special puppies milk cake
    3-8 months to soak soft dogs with warm water for 3-4 months Give it to eat it
    8 for more than a month, you can eat dedicated dog grains
    Merexly pay attention to its stool and spirit during feeding The two points of the vaccine cannot be ignored.
    This to eat natural grains. Do not eat commodity grains and foods.

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