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  1. Legal analysis: The responsibility of pet dog bite people: In general, the pet dog raised by the pets shall be responsible for the pet breeder or manager, but there is evidence that the person who is bitten has fault or intentionally causes the person to cause fault or intentionally cause For example, such as teasing dogs, the breeder or manager can reduce or undertake responsibility. If the fierce dogs that are prohibited to bite others, the breeder or manager shall bear the responsibility. If a dog that abandons and escapes bites others, the breeder or manager shall bear the responsibility. The victim suffers from personal damage, due to various expenses for medical treatment and revenue due to misunderstandings, including medical expenses, misunderstanding, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation fees, residential food subsidies, necessary nutritional fees, compensation obligations Compensation should be given.
    The legal basis: "The Code of the People's Republic of China"
    1145 of the animals raised by others cause damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement; however, it can prove it Damage is caused by the intention of the infringer, and may not bear or reduce the responsibility.
    1147 Article 1,247 Dangerous animals such as fierce dogs that are banned cause damage to others, and animal breeders or managers shall bear the liability for infringement.
    It 1,249 Abandoned and escaped animals that cause damage to others during the abandonment and escape, shall bear the liability for infringement by the original race of the animal or administrator. rn《最高人民法院关于审理人身损害赔偿案件适用法律若干问题的解释》第十七条受害人遭受人身损害,因就医治疗支出的各项费用以及因误工减少的收入,包括医疗费、 The incorrect work fee, nursing fee, transportation fee, accommodation fee, residential food subsidy, and necessary nutritional costs shall be compensated for compensation. If the victim is disabled due to injuries, the necessary expenses that pay in life and income loss caused by losing labor, including disability compensation, disabled assistance appliances, living expenses for supporting people, and rehabilitation care, continuing The necessary rehabilitation costs, nursing fees, and follow -up treatment fees that are actually incurred, and the compensation obligations should also be compensated. If the victim's death, in addition to compensating for the relevant expenses stipulated in the first paragraph of this paragraph, the compensation obligor shall also compensate the funeral expenses, the living expenses of the supporter, the compensation fee of the death, and the transportation expenses of the funeral expenditure of the victim's relatives. , Other reasonable expenses such as accommodation costs and loss of work.

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