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  1. Newborn puppies should pay attention to keeping warm. The indoor temperature should be above 23 degrees Celsius. When the room temperature is below 21 degrees Celsius, the small electric blanket and the hot water bag should be used to increase the temperature, but it must be wrapped with a towel to avoid burn the puppy. Generally, in special cases, puppies, like babies, are sleeping and breastfeeding most of the time. If they appear, they should consider whether the temperature is low. Whether the female dog is clean), whether the milk is sufficient, can give manual help to the weak puppy, so that the weak dogs can eat or feed some milk powder artificially.
    The newborn puppy does not have hearing and vision. Generally, open your eyes in about 2 weeks. With the opening of the ear canal between 13-17 days, hearing can be heard. You can trim your nails for the puppy about 20 days. Dogs are irritating milk. The puppy keeps kneading the mother dog's breasts when eating milk. But be careful not to cut too short, just cut the front fingertips.

    The baby's mother should also care about the dog's mother while the baby grows up healthy. It should be feeded some nutritious foods for the puppies. Healthy growth.

    How to take care of the newborn puppy and puppies

    Under normal and healthy conditions, each puppy who just born will be squeezed up shortly after birth to eat to eat Milk. In the first one or two days of his life, the puppy absorbed from the mother's colostrum that could protect it through the antibodies required for the first six to ten weeks. Most puppies depend on breastfeeding in the first few weeks (to be sure that the whole nest puppy has its own place for breastfeeding). In the future, we must decide the best time to introduce solid food and start weaning. The bitch will keep the puppies clean and clean up their feces, so they often replace the newspapers in the box.
    The puppies just given are deaf and blind. I opened my eyes between ten and fourteen days, but I had to wait for another seven days to see things. Between 13 and 17 days of birth, as the ear channels are opened, the hearing begins to work.

    The following is what you should pay attention to:

    1. Repair. You may need to trim the puppy's claws between 14 and twenty -one days, because the puppy's kneading reflection exercise will grab the mother's lower abdomen. You must use nails used by babies to trim the puppy's paws.

    2. Sleep and rest. Like a baby, the puppy's sleep skills are amazing. Puppy puppy is breastfeeding within a week after birth. In the future, their activity has gradually increased, and it will crawl shaking around three weeks. By the 12th to 14th weeks, you will notice that puppy's activity time is in the original sleep cycle.

    3. Keep your puppy warm. Temperature is a problem that must be paid closely. The temperature developed in the uterus is 38.5 degrees. Although the temperature of the mother's body before birth will decline, it is still a test when the puppy is born wet. Wet first -born puppies are easy to get cold, but there will be no signs of no signs within 48 hours after birth to show their inaccurate infection. When the newborn puppy grows to seven to ten days, the hair cannot be erected to form an excellent protective layer. Therefore, the heat -adjusting capacity is poor, and the temperature often starts to rise and fall along with the surrounding environment. Seven days later, although there were some heat -adjusting capabilities, this ability was not particularly effective before the age of all. That's why you provide assistance in the first two weeks, even if the puppy is in the nest of the bitch. You should keep room temperature at 30-33 degrees. Another method is to keep the indoor temperature 21 degrees and provide additional heat for the puppy's bed. Allow room temperatures to fall 3 degrees every two weeks.

    4. Check the weak puppy. Healthy puppy feels dry, warm and full, and normal skin elasticity. When picking up them, a twist reaction will be made. The weak puppy feels soft and wet, and the skin is not elastic. A happy and healthy puppy will make a groaning sound, and from time to time, the squeak and screams made by hunger or eating. The weak puppies can't be stable, they will crawl around, waste energy and sobbing, and finally lie in the corner listlessly. Pay attention to which puppies can't eat milk. It is possible that one or two puppies will mistakenly drop the opportunity to eat milk until they are so weak that they will not eat milk anymore. Like this kind of puppy needs special care, please ask veterinarians if necessary.

    2 The health care of the puppies for a month

    The life of puppies must be regular. Feeding should be timed, quantitative, and nutrition should be balanced. Nutritional disorders cannot be caused to make puppies develop bad problems. Pay attention to prevent vitamin premium (especially vitamin A or D) or calcium deficiency. The puppy should not be full, usually 7 ~ 8 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to feed metamorphosis
    The food, it is best to wash the bowls every time, so as to prevent dilute or food poisoning.

    In close attention to observe the puppies' urination status and determine whether it is normal. The number of stools generally changes with the age of dogs. Big dogs in January several times a day, about 3 times a day in February. The number of stools is related to the type of food: such as feeding meat and rice, the amount and number of times and the number of times are less; for a long time, the number and amount of starchy foods are more. Pay attention to the color of puppies,
    -flavors and no worms. Normal feces are strip, moderate soft and hard, usually slightly yellow. However, due to the influence of food, such as more meat or fed liver, the feces are usually black. The number of urine changes with the age of dogs. Big dogs in January, about 2 hours, in February 5-6 times a day. The urine is pale yellow and clear and transparent. For the first time in the morning, the color is slightly darker, but if you find that the color of the urine has been darker, you must doubt whether you are sick. It is best to go to the animal hospital for examination.

    It per month, it is best to go to the animal hospital for a medical examination, testing large and urinating, and when necessary, the intestinal parasites are removed. Note: Find animal hospitals with good reputation and good facilities.

    This puppies are afraid of cold, so whether it is winter or summer, pay attention to the warmth of puppies.

    Thisy's belly of the puppies for a while, so it is easy to cool, causing dilute or cold.

    Whether it is a small dog or a dog, it is not advisable to take a walk on the road 5 months ago. Because the puppies' bones are not developed, walking for a long time can lead to deformation of the limbs; at the same time, it is easily infected with diseases. You can play and exercise appropriately indoors or courtyards. When the sunlight is not too strong and the outdoor temperature is not too high, the puppies are exposed to the sun and in sunbathing, which is conducive to bone growth.

    2 big puppies for a month should start good habits. First of all, give the dog a nice name, and often call it the name, let her know that it is called her, establish a conditional reflection, and let it recruit. The habit of fixed -point urination can also begin. Although the puppies before 4 months will not urinate, and urine will be urinated. It takes 4 months to soak urine, but it can gradually teach it.

    The prevention injection is very, very important! Intersection Intersection

    In 2 months after birth, the antibodies brought by the mother have almost eliminated, and various viral diseases may occur at this time. Therefore, the most important thing is vaccination such as inoculation of canine plague, small viruses, and infectious hepatitis. A resistance (antibody) can be generated about 2 weeks after vaccine injection. At about 2 months, if the vaccine has not yet been vaccinated and the epidemic is popular or may be infected, it can directly inject the serum of the virus, directly enhance the body's resistance, and then vaccinate the vaccine after 2 weeks.

    The feeding and weaning

    If everything goes well, a nest of puppy will quickly eat breast milk, until about three to five weeks. In the meantime, except for the bitch's milk, you can start supplementing other foods. At the same time, you can also let the puppy learn from the shallow disc. This can avoid affecting the growth of puppies due to the decrease in breast milk, and can also reduce the milk production of bitches naturally.

    The first step of weaning the puppy

    The weaning is to heat up the baby's grain food into a liquid mixture, and apply a little with the end of the finger or teasing handle. Put in each puppy mouth.

    Is when using solid food for the first time, if you want to use fresh meat, you should add bone powder to supplement calcium. If the puppy is more than three weeks, it will be fed directly with raw beef and adds bone powder.

    This can be used alternately for canned puppy foods. Even if you are tanned, you can eat whole meat adult dogs, which is more balanced in nutrients than fresh meat, but you have to add some bone meal. No matter what kind of food is selected, it must be grinded carefully to make canned meat easier to be eaten by puppies. It can pour a small amount (size less than 10%) hot water, and then break it with a knife. When the amount of milk that bitches can provide, give puppies more artificially. As the baby requires more frequently, the number of puppies is more frequent than adult dogs, both to grow up quickly and to develop well. Calculated according to the unit weight, puppy's calorie needs reach four times that of adult dogs.

    It if the bitch still has sufficient milk to raise a puppy, then you don't have to worry too much about weaning a nest. However, if the puppy has not been weaned in five weeks, it should be carried out seriously and can start with meat. Generally speaking, before and after six weeks of age, puppies only need to get a small part from the bitch (if you have to eat some milk) nutrition.

    has gradually formed adult eating habits

    to twelve weeks age, puppies usually take the initiative to lose interest in feeding, so they can reduce a meal of milk. Usually three meals a day can last until half a year old, and then two meals every day until nine months old. Then feed two meals a day or one meal, partly depending on the surrounding environment, partly depending on the dog itself. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to feed two meals a day for small body dogs.

    The correct feeding method

    does not let the puppy become a busy food customer. When you put down your food for the puppy, lead it to the food and then leave quietly. Don't expect to find it yourself as long as you put down the food puppy, stay for 20-30 minutes for meals, and then withdraw. Sometimes the leftovers can be covered and refrigerated. The next time you add a little gravy or soup, and then give the puppy. The food must be removed after 20-30 minutes, otherwise the food will become dry and lose the taste.

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