5 thoughts on “My dog ​​has a puppy, what should I do?”

  1. put it together! Need to (puppy cubs to be with mother)! The newborn puppy often eats breast milk (not counted). You must eat high nutritional things for dogs, so breast milk has nutrition. After a while, let them eat (nutritional meals he made). You can make eggs and milk cakes with eggs milk! Very nutritious.

  2. This is the first few days. Generally, the bitch does not eat a few days ago when the puppy was placed in the puppy. After five or six days, I would eat it after eating it. Otherwise, the bitch’s milk is insufficient, and the puppy is not very good.

  3. Take care of the bitch's nutrition
    . The puppy can drink milk by yourself.
    Is when my dog ​​has a puppy, I just wait for the puppy to give birth. The bitch generally manages
    now cold
    don’t let the puppy cool

  4. It ’s okay to drink milk
    The important thing now is the nutrition of the bitch
    It bit dog nutrition to keep up with
    Propea to drink enough milk
    n Xiaomi porridge and the like to feed more
    now puppies need to keep warm
    don’t let him freeze

  5. As long as you prepare a nest, it will deal with it by itself. do not be afraid. Give it delicious and supplement nutrition.

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