2 thoughts on “Which cats, birds, fish and insects sell for cats and dogs, in a hurry, want to buy cats”

  1. 1. The flower and bird market must be cats and dogs in general. Generally, cats and dogs here are called week cats and weekly dogs. It means that it is difficult to get a week after buying it. Reason: First, the cats and dog traffickers were not taken care of. Long -term malnutrition plus daily moving locations for sale is extremely weak. Second, long -term cats and dog vendors, places or animal parents have plague, and young animals are prone to infection and difficult to treat. Third, cats and dogs in the flower and bird market must be native cats and dogs. They come from the offspring or caught by the pets raised by the traffickers themselves. The cost is extremely low. This is why they do not take care of these animals with heart. Throwing as soon as you die, it is the norm.
    2, want to buy cats, two ways, one is to buy varieties of cats in the pet shop or individuals. Of course, economic costs are the biggest consideration, and the price ranges from one thousand to tens of thousands. The second is to buy a native cat, why go to the flower and bird market? The wandering kitten on the road says that it is really no more dirty than the traffickers, or a search for a search.
    of course, the most important thing, no matter how you get it, treat it well!

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